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What's your goal this year, Candy girl?
  |  Aug 23, 2007
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It's never too late to set goals for yourself, Candy girl! Here are some goals that Candy girls have shared in TeenTalk!

My goal this year is to be a responsible and active student in my school. —it_must_be_me

My goal this year is to focus myself more on my studies (especially since I am now in college) and teach myself the sense of responsibility I never had. —fruzztr8ed18

To get hired in a hospital and to be a US RN. —x-y

To discover some talents about myself, to be friends with other people, and to pass the entrance exam and go to my dream school for college. —bloss18

My goal is to become a better person. —superproxy2k6

What about you? What are your goals? Let's keep tabs on each other here!

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