You are Totally the Kathryn Bernardo of Your Barkada

And here's proof.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Jan 30, 2015
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There's just something that sets you apart from everyone else. You're naturally charming and everyone just gravitates to you because of your pleasant disposition. In case your teen queen status isn't fully established yet, scroll through this list to lock it down.

1 You're super thoughtful.



You hate seeing your friends bummed, so you'll go out of the way to make them feel better.

2 You know the importance of A+ snacks.

Movie marathons are simply better with the right kind of finger food. And your friends have you to thank for the snack supply.

3 You're the kind of girl who shares her small victories.



Driving yourself can get a little scary, but when you make it home in one piece... Hallelujah!

4 You definitely know your beauty essentials.


Eyebrow game, always on.

5 You're careful not to annoy anyone.



You already say sorry even before you offend somebody. #classy

6 When they say "wacky pic," you totally contort yourself past recognition.

Because whatever you do, you'll still look pretty. Duh.

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7 You're your barkada's memory keeper.

You take pictures because it'll last longer.

8 You're not afraid to change up your look once in a while.

Peek-a-boo ponytail? Ombre locks? You'll try anything once.

9 You are naturally caring.

Maybe because you're an awesome ate to your baby sister and a fantastic human to your cute pup.

10 You're fiercely loyal.

You'll stand by your friends even if other people try to get in the way of your friendship.Your friends are super lucky to have you in their life!

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