WATCH: Grandparents and Their Apo Perform Cover of "You Are My Sunshine"

Lola Vilma was a member of Sorsogon Choir!
by Bernadette Rivera   |  Jul 20, 2020
Image: Daniel Joseph Espinola Rocio
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Remember when you got scolded by your parents for something that you didn’t do, and your grandparents were there to *save* you? Or when something you wanted would just ~magically appear~ out of nowhere? Sometimes, you may have not known it was because of your lolos and lolas, who are known to spoil apos from time to time.

Of course, not all are lucky to have a healthy relationship with their grandparents growing up, so it's definitely something not to be taken for granted.

Even if you’re not the only apo in the family and you have dozens of cousins, we should shower them with all the love that they deserve, especially now that we’re battling COVID-19. Of course, it's better to stay indoors with them as much as possible than to go outside, but there are things that you can do together at home to liven up their mood and reignite their passion, too!


Like what Daniel Joseph Espinola Rocio did with his grandparents in this super heartwearming Summit Original feature.

In the video, you'll see a rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" by Jimmie Davis and it will make your day! Netizens clearly loved the video as it went viral after he uploaded it on social media. 

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In the video, you can see Daniel's lolo play the harmonica as his lola sang. Daniel accompanied them by playing guitar. Daniel's Lola Vilma is 82 years old and she was a member of Sorsogon Choir and his Lolo Cesing is 92 and used to be a member of El Rodac singing group. Needless to say, it runs in the family.

Watch it here:

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