You Are Meant To Get There

Because you can't stay on the sidelines forever.
by Lausanne Barlaan   |  Nov 7, 2014
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Dear you,

Right now, you're probably slaving away on your school work, or already worrying about the following semester. At this point, you're probably comparing yourself to your classmates who look like they've got their lives all planned out, their talents honed to their full potential, their dreams at their arms' reach. And then you might find yourself sitting on the sidelines with zero self worth, wondering when you'll finally get the confidence to mimic your peers and follow the path you want to lead.

Here's a reminder: you are meant to get there. Right now, you may think that you are worthless, talent-less, and generally good for nothing. You are not. Remember the writing prowess that you try to contain in journals stashed deep in your drawer? Or your knack for singing that only gets exposure in the shower or within the walls of your bedroom? You have talent, and they deserve to be centerstage. So what if they're far from perfect? You're at least one step away from forever suppressing your passion inside you.


You are meant to get there, and you will. Right now, you're probably scared silly by the thought of doing something you've always loved because you're scared of rejection or ridicule. You can always just conform to the demands of society and live a practical life, right? Yes, you can, but can you imagine what kind of life that would be? You already have the talent and the passion within you. All you need is the courage to pursue whatever it is that you love. Find your passion, invest your time in it, and work hard.

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So what if you fail? You can always try again. You've heard of successful people springing back from failures, and that can also be you. What if your dream doesn't turn out how you want it to? In Tangled, when Rapunzel feared that her dream would fall short of her expectations, Flynn said that "That's the good part... You get to go find a new dream," and you actually can. And this new one can be just as good (if not better) than the last.


Don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone, because you deserve better. You are better. And don't forget that you are meant for greater things.

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I'm a Candy Girl because I am a modern day Elle Woods, refusing to be boxed by stereotypes. Liking pink and other girly things does not mean I can’t do things society does not expect of me. I am a Candy girl because having flaws do not limit me from chasing my dreams and standing up for what I believe in. I can showcase my smarts and skills, all while looking my best.
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