You Are Amazing—And You Deserve To Know That

by You!   |  Oct 3, 2014
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The heart is a fragile little thing. One careless move and it could break, break into millions of pieces that sometimes you can hardly put back in one piece. It would be a whirlwind of emotions and yes, it would hurt. But it would be worth while. It would be a time that you can look back into and be proud that you've taken the risk and survived to tell the tale.

However, you cannot just send yourself into the battlefield. You cannot just go rushing into the world despite your willingness to be that one who clears the cobwebs. Your heart needs to grow. It needs to equip itself with the  It takes time to be ready. It takes time to arm yourself to face the pain and joys of loving. It takes time to make yourself as whole as it can be before it starts being broken again.

Be patient. It is all what it takes. Learn to wait. Learn to take things one step at a time. It can be a slow and tedious journey but it would pay off.

Don't get your hopes up high too fast. Take it easy. Do it as if you are climbing up a ladder, one rung at a time. It is okay to strive for something you want but don't exert yourself too much. You'll get there soon.

Don't let your fears speak loudly. It's okay to be afraid just so you won't let them define you. We are all human after all and we constantly worry about the things that might come. Take it slow. You'll conquer those worries. Believe and you will.


Mistakes happen. Don't be too hard on yourself. Trust that you will do better next time it happens. Trust that you learned from the experience.

Fall but know how deep the fall can be. Don't go rushing blindly and plummet to your defeat. It is okay to find yourself with certain people who eventually run off and leave you hanging. There are always those kinds of people who know little about being there for somebody. Allow yourself to cry. Heal. Just don't stay that way. Pick up the pieces and hold your head high. Smile and believe that everything would be alright. Trust that it would be and the tides would soon roll itself on your favor.

The thing is, you can be amazing. You can the pitter-patter on someone's closed window. You can be the sunshine on someone's cloudy day. You can be the cold, refreshing drink after that long, tedious run. You can be all sorts of things far greater than you can ever imagine but still you can be overlooked. You can stand over the rest but to others, you can be just the plain doughnut. But don't worry. Someday, someone would recognize that amazing person in you and that someone would be the one for keeps.

As for now, enjoy what life brings. Live today. Be brave in facing tomorrow and accepting yesterday. Move on but remember what everything taught you. Life is an adventure. Go and show the world the amazing, marvelous you.

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