Yikes! How Do You Deal with a Drunk Guest at Your Debut?

  |  May 9, 2015
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You definitely want your debut to be a merry celebration, and your parents might even allow you to serve alcohol at your party. Drinks will help you and your guests loosen up, but some guests might drink more than they can handle. So how do you deal with a drunk guest?

This can be a tricky situation, so we turned to party planner extraordinaire Marex Gaba, who's had more than a decade's worth of experience in events planning fabulously elegant, well-designed, and totally hassle-free events, to address your dilemma.

Marex's answer:
Since your guests are all family and friends, I suggest that as early as handing out the invitations, you or your parents should tell those who have the tendency to be rowdy when drinking that you expect them to be on their best behavior at the party. It is also your prerogative to not invite them, if it means you won't have to worry about them the whole evening. However, if you're concerned about offending anyone and you end up inviting everybody, you might want to consider having an alcohol-free party, especially if you want to be worry-free.

If you end up serving alcoholic drinks in the party, then there is a possibility some people will get drunk. These guests are your responsibility since it was YOUR alcohol they consumed. With some quick thinking and discretion, your special day can be saved.

You should, as much as possible, ask others to discreetly handle the situation, as fixing it yourselves might just totally ruin the memory of your debut. Don't be embarrassed to ask for help, as it is for your own safety and that of your guests.


Start with your wedding coordinator, as s/he may already have some experience in handling situations like this. However, since the intoxicated guest does not know your coordinator, the guest might end up making a scene and shout at him/her, or worse, physically hurting him/her.

You may also ask for the help of relatives and friends who are close to the intoxicated guest. They will probably be thankful you did before the guest does something unbelievably offensive or drives home drunk. They may escort the guest away from the remaining alcoholic drinks to another room with less people, so s/he can sober up. They must convince him/her to eat, as food can help slow down the rate at which the body absorbs alcohol.

If the guest brought a vehicle, the keys have to be taken from him/her. S/he should never be allowed to drive in his/her condition. The guest must stay in the hotel or ride with someone going home. S/he can just come back and collect his/her vehicle the following day. By then, if s/he remembers the stupid things s/he did during the party, s/he might just end up apologizing to everyone s/he somehow offended.

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