Yes, You Can!

Stop thinking about your limitations and focus on how things can go your way!
by Jillian Gatcheco   |  Mar 12, 2010
photo by Pat Dy
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Can't talk to boys?
You've been in an all-girls school your whole life, and communicating with the male species isn't exactly in your teacher's lesson plan. What do you do?

Yes, YOU CAN! Treat them as friends. Make them feel that you're approachable because they're probably also shy to strike up a conversation with you. A simple smile( not too wide, mind you) can be the start of a good friendship—or relationship!

Can't finish projects on time?
It's the end of the school year and you're juggling four final projects due at around the same time. Instead of freaking out and not really getting anything done, why don't you face the challenge and get a head start?

Yes, YOU CAN! Get organized! Once the teacher gives a project, break it up into small, doable tasks distributed within a realistic timeframe. In other words, create a production schedule! Just make sure that each task is small enough for you not to get overwhelmed. For instance, make Day 1 a research day, where you just have to gather all your resources, while Day 2 is all about shopping for materials you'll need. Be creative about it, so as not to make things monotonous. Remember, the trick is to take one step at a time!

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Can't make peace?
If you've had enough of the silent treatment from a friend, or worse, the constant parinig, it's time to get your act together and do some soul-searching!

Yes, YOU CAN! Make a list. Jot down the things that went wrong in your friendship, and be honest enough to admit your shortcomings. Whether you've committed a mistake or not, forget the pride and initiate a heart-to-heart talk. It's best to be honest about your feelings so both of you can start on a clean slate. If this doesn't work, then perhaps time is the best way to patch up your differences. Sometimes that's what it takes to forgive and forget.

Can't focus in class?
Daydreaming about Robert Pattinson is so much better than listening to your trig teacher. But there's surefire way to take control of your wandering mind!


Yes, YOU CAN! Take notes! This may sound funny, but a pretty notebook and a nice pen will do the trick! Bringing things you actually want to use will encourage you to take down notes, and in turn, help you stay alert in class.

Can't sleep on time?
Your sleeping habits are way distorted, and you seek the solace of energy-giving drinks to stay awake.

Yes, YOU CAN! Skip the caffeine. Banish the urge to splurge at a café and catch up on much-needed rest after doing your homework. You get not only beauty benefits, but also extra shopping money when you add up your supposed coffee budget. Be sure to drop stimulating activities (yup, TV and Facebook included) an hour before bedtime. Your body needs to wind down before snoozing.

Can't follow your curfew?
You've always a few hours late ( and in trouble with you parents) ‘cause the parties tend to start an hour before your curfew. Sound familiar? Here's a fun solution!


Yes, YOU CAN! Bring the fun home! Whoever invented sleepovers was a genius. Having fun isn't limited to hanging out at the mall or going to clubs; you can stop worrying about beating the clock start thinking of what flick to watch after Gossip Girl reruns! That's less stress and more bonding time with the girls!

Can't save money?
Every girl mush have had this problem at one time or another. You make an effort to save your baon, but at the end of the week when you hit the mall, the call of the sales rack is just more powerful. Sigh.

Yes, YOU CAN! Have a money-keeper. It can be a person you trust, or a giant piggy bank, what's important is you set aside or give a portion of your daily allowance (say 10%) and then collect it at the end of the month for depositing at the bank. You can be your own money-keeper once you think you're ready to handle your own finances. Another useful trick is to have a "purchase journal" where you list down all your expenses so you'll have an idea of how much you spend every month. From there, you can more or less gauge when it's time to start saving or if you're spending within reason.


So What?

Tyra Banks's "So What?!" campaign pushes for self-acceptance and embracing one's limitations. She's right—there are stuff in life that we just cannot change, but they are actually the things that define us.

I can't be stick-thin. So what? Wear you curves proudly!

I can't join the popular crowd in school. So what? Friendship isn't measured by the clothes you wear of the people you hang out with. Find your own unique that shares your interest and not someone else's!

I can't sing to save my life! So what?! You can still sing to your heart's content, girl! That's what videokes and showers are for! Not all singing has to be judged the American Idol way!

I can't dance! So what?! Remember Happy Feet? It doesn't matter if you don't have a sense of rhythm; dance to your own beat! The more dyahe you are about it, the more people will tease you. Show your moves, and get into the groove! What do they care?

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