Why You Should Take A Break From The Internet Every Once In A While

Time to unplug.
by Mira Blancada   |  Mar 22, 2017
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The internet has become a part of our daily lives to the point that most of us say that we can't live without it...even though we really can.

It's sad that most of us have become comfortable with the idea of seeing our worth based on likes, comments, and shares. 

But who's to blame, though? It's hard to not use the internet when it was made to make our lives easier. It has become convenient to look for something because it's just a click away. But there's actually one thing the internet can't give you that you can give to yourself: peace of mind.

Admit it or not, the internet has given us stress, sadness, and anxiety. It makes us think that our lives suck compared to those who live perfect ones on social media. It's a common problem that most of us don't want to acknowledge just because for the most part, the Internet has made our lives easier and more convenient. But then again, too much of something can cause problems, too. When you're not online, you feel disconnected, anxious, and bored instead of feeling relaxed. If you feel like the Internet is not making you mentally and emotionally healthy anymore, then it's time to remind yourself that you will do just fine without it, especially scrolling through your Instagram feed for a day (or two).

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Give yourself a break—a real one—a vacation out of the virtual world, and time for yourself. Admire the world not through pictures and videos, but with your own eyes. The Internet won't go away—at least not anytime soon—so don't worry that you might miss out on life just because you're taking a break. Record memories in your heart and head and not always with your phone. Before you catch up virtually, catch up on that first.

How often are you online, Candy Girls? Or should we say, how often are you NOT online?

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