The Very Real And Serious Reason Why You’re Not As Productive As You Used To Be

It's okay to take it slow.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Apr 4, 2020
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Being holed up in our homes means finally having all the time in the world to work on the things we’ve been putting off because we said we didn’t have the time to do them. Now that we’ve got nothing else to do, it’s easy to expect ourselves to launch a passion project or commit to a regular home workout routine.

And yet, expectation is truly different from reality. Instead, we find ourselves less effective, unable to do the things we said we’d do, or accomplish as many tasks as we can using our free time. You might initially feel disappointed. You failed—yet again—to do the things you said you would. And this time, you have no excuse.

While it may feel like your decreased sense of productivity is inexcusable, it’s certainly not unreasonable. In situations like the one we’re in now, our last piece of worry should be about productivity.


There are more pressing concerns at the moment.

While we’re at home worrying about the same old readings and exams, other people are forced to go outside to do their jobs to 1.) help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and 2.) earn income to sustain their—and their families’—daily expenses.

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True, our priorities in life are different—what doesn’t seem important for one person might mean the world for another. Still, it’s impossible for us turn a blind eye against the more urgent and weighty matters the entire world is facing. We are at odds against a global issue that would significantly affect how we go on about our lives in the future, so it’s okay if you’re taking it slow with your productivity rate to focus on staying informed about what you can do to help in the collective efforts against the pandemic.

We might be more stressed than usual.

Given our current setup, there’s certainly a lot of tension in the air. We’re all at the edge of our seats, anxiously staring at the increasing rate of COVID-19 cases, wondering if and when we’ll see progress.


You might not notice it—you might even deny feeling it—but it’s possible that you’re more tensed and worried than you usually are. Which is understandable, so it’s fine to acknowledge these feelings as valid and warranted, and that they will definitely influence how we operate in our daily lives. As many studies have shown, stress and our overall psychological well-being affects our productivity. We can’t expect ourselves to be at our most productive state when our mental health is suffering. 

It’s more important to focus on your overall health.

Instead of pressuring ourselves over how unproductive we are, let’s make use of our time to take care of our health—physical, mental, emotional—and improve on what we can. Rather than pushing yourself to work non-stop, allot some time for decompressing from all the info you’ve read on the news or catch up with a friend online. If you’re feeling extra anxious because of the pandemic, here’s what you can do about it, according to a psychologist.



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