Why It’s Okay ~Not~ To Dream Big

Making small goals can be just as fulfilling.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jul 21, 2020
Art: Hannah Villafuerte
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We’re more than halfway through 2020 already, and yet for most of us, it probably feels like nothing is happening with our goals and plans in life. Understandably so, because we’re in the middle of a pandemic with more pressing concerns to prioritize and it feels like we’re frozen in place. 

When it comes to setting goals, we’re always told to dream big. But since we’re currently in an unprecedented situation, it's normal if dreaming big isn’t a priority at the moment—and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, but because our situation makes it harder for us to ~chase our dreams~, it’s also valid to acknowledge that making small goals can be just as fulfilling. 

Small goals are more manageable.

For some people, it’s go big or go home. Pero sa totoo lang, it’s okay if you’re the type who wants to go at it slowly but surely para hindi sayang ang effort. Setting small but manageable and achievable goals is still a win. Even if it’s not as grand as you hoped it would be, these small wins can still make you feel good about yourself and your progress.

Didn’t get to apply for your dream internship this year? Maybe you can instead take free online courses related to the field you’re interested in to stock up on additional knowledge. It’s a different kind of learning, but there are still some things to pick up along the way. 

Your goals are more directed when they’re smaller.

Having big and broad goals may sometimes make us feel lost in the grand scheme of things. Some goals may feel too big that we don’t know where to start. Instead, big goals like “Graduation 2020” can start with smaller ones like “Pass math class.” When our goals are smaller and more specific, it makes us feel like more structured and systematized, which can help pave way for grander plans.

Small goals also make it easier for us to pivot when we realize that it's not something we actually want to pursue after all (because it's okay to change our minds about our goals in life!). 


‘Small’ doesn’t mean any less.

Just because we’re aiming for something that isn’t as ~extra~ as other people’s goals doesn’t mean we’re settling for less. It won’t diminish the hard work, effort, and patience you put into chasing after that goal, even if it’s not as impressive as others’. Maybe your blockmates got accepted in corporations bigger and more known than the company that hired you, but that won’t make the work you do any less significant.  

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