Why Guys Love Strong, Confident Girls

You don't ever have to tone down your confidence to get someone's attention.
by Ana C. Pascual for FemaleNetwork.com   |  Dec 26, 2016
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Some people still think that the women should be damsels in distress who need saving when in fact, more and more are coming out of their shells to prove that wrong. And luckily, men are starting to catch up.

"Today, it's more common to find guys who believe a woman like Miranda (from the movie The Devil Wears Prada) is intriguing, not threatening," says psychologist Chris Blazina, PhD, author of The Secret Lives of Men.

"This generation of men has grown up seeing women in positions of power—female doctors, lawyers, even presidential candidates—so they're not put off by a driven, confident woman. In fact, they're turned on by those qualities," she adds.

So, if you're a girl who owns up to her confidence, don't be shy about it! Those who have a high self-esteem are attractive and here are more reasons why:

They're adventurous.

Confident girls aren't afraid to try new things—which make them exciting and fun to be with! She's willing to take risks because she thinks things through and believes in herself, whether that's in terms of her studies, travel, or major life choices.


They're not insecure.

A girl who is brimming with confidence (and not cockiness), knows her worth and won't settle for anything less than what she deserves; she accepts everything about her whether that's her quirky habits or imperfections.

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Strong, confident girls don't need constant reassurance from any guy—she's her own woman who embraces that fact.

They're assertive.

They know what they want and know what they should do to achieve it. Confident girls aren't afraid to voice out their opinions and they are go-getters; they won't sit down and wait for things to happen—they make them happen.

They're living life to the fullest.

Confident women are too busy enjoying life to be bothered by other people who just want to pull them down. They inspire those around them, especially their partners, to be the best versions of themselves.

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