Why Being Awkward Is Actually Good for You

by Caitlin Anne Young   |  Jun 13, 2017
Image: Tribeca Film
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When it comes to social situations, we tend to unleash our inner nerd. Admit it, we've all been there: the overenthusiastic tone of voice, the wild hand gestures, and the words "like" and "um" punctuating our every statement. Yup, we're just so awkward.

And while it's easy to become insecure and to want to hide your face from the world after a particularly cringe-worthy encounter with your new friend/crush/distant relative, did you know that being awkward is actually good for you?

It's true! Although being awkward may seem like purely making a fool out of yourself, studies have actually proven that your social awkwardness can only lead to more success and happiness in life. Don't believe us? Here are the facts!

First of all, you may assume that awkward people overlook minor social expectations. And you would be correct. When surrounded by a group of people, pressure builds up, and our mind and body struggle to compensate with our underlying nervousness and fear by activating an overeager attitude. This causes our brains to short circuit, meaning we begin to think and talk really fast. It also explains why we tend to get super clumsy while we're awkward, tripping over or dropping things more easily. Our bodies are essentially in overdrive mode. Don't blame us!

However, there is a silver lining in all of these potentially embarrassing (oh, who are we kidding, they are totally embarrassing, no doubt about that) moments.

According to Simon Baron-Cohen, FBA—a professor of developmental psychopathology—along with his fellow colleagues in Oxford, awkward individuals have a more intense focus than regular individuals. This interest gravitates towards logic and math, making them better at them than the average person. They're more passionate when it comes to taking things apart and studying certain components, especially in the fields of science and technology. They're also more into gaming and other forms of leisure. 


Furthermore, another study done by Pedro Vital, who specializes in mental health, shows that the best indicator of talent in children is not their I.Q.; rather, talent stems from an individual's intensity of focus—something all awkward people have!

Their ardent interest and unusual perspective, coupled with whatever natural abilities they have, make for more hardworking actions—actions that can subsequently lead to  numerous opportunities and countless possibilities.

Finally, psychologist Ty Tashiro proves once and for all that awkwardness is just one big blessing in disguise. Due to their tendency to focus on one specific topic, awkward people tend to master things far more quickly than their less awkward counterparts. Awkward people are more persistent, as well, as they tend to play certain scenarios in their head, over and over again, in an effort to change or better the outcome of whatever situation they're in. Here's a video by Tashiro explaining everything!

With all that being said, being awkward is healthy. Sure, you may feel like you constantly embarrass yourself in front of people, but the reality is they don't really mind as much as you think they do!

At the same time, the drive and energy you get from being awkward, coupled with all that extra brain behavior, will ensure that your A-game is always on point. You can think your way out of any situation! So the next time you feel awkward for being awkward—well, don't! Embrace your inner weirdness. After all, not only does it make you unique, but it also can be the one thing that spells success for you in the future.

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