These Quarantine Debutantes Share Where They Bought Their Party Decor

These might help you out with your own at-home celebration!
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 16, 2021
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Big events like debuts may not be doable at the moment, but celebrating your 18th birthday—something many consider as specialcan still be achieved one way or another even if you're spending it ~safely~ at home. Celebrities and influencers have pulled off quarantine debuts, but so did other 2020 debutantes!

If you're in need of suggestions regarding online stores you can buy cute but affordable party decor from, these five quarantine debutantes share how they planned their own cozy birthday celebration at home and where they bought their party needs from.

Where to get party decor for your debut, depending on your theme:

Trisha Mariano's pink-themed debut

Trisha celebrated her 18th birthday in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. Even though she originally planned to have an unforgettable debut celebration with her friends, Trisha had to cancel it and settle with a mini debut at home. 

"I started to plan everything last minute because I had my finals week before my birthday," Trisha shares. "I decided to go with different shades of pink for my theme. For my birthday banner, I thought, 'why not make my own?' The materials are very much affordable as I only need strings, some thick paper, and our printer of course. I wanted to do this to lessen the expense for my birthday celebration.

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"For my other decoration such as the balloons, package po talaga siya since this dessert shop from Facebook called Baked by P&B offered to make a cake for my birthday. My birthday cake also comes with the party decorations and I am thankful because they were the ones who decorated the place for my debut."

Bianca Rivera's pastel-themed debut

Because of the pandemic, Bianca had to rely on e-commerce site Shopee for all her party needs. "For my 18th birthday my theme is pastel color because that is my favorite color," shares Bianca. To help make her home feel more festive, Bianca bought pastel-colored balloons, some of which go from P39 to P168 per pack, latex balloon set with confetti inside for P60 a pack, and foil letter balloons at P44 per letter, among other necessary decorative materials. All in all, she spent only P688 for all her party decor.


Ashley Uy's cozy pink and white debut

Debutante Ashley Uy didn't know she was going to be celebrating her 18th birthday with a "stay at home" debut. "My decor was all organized by my parents, my sister, Joanah Uy and her family, who bought all the food and decor," Ashley says.

Because it was a surprise, it was her sister who decided on the theme. "My sister just went with the theme of pink, gold, and white that would match with my personality but still go with this like grand theme of having a stay at home debut. Overall, I think they did really great job and I felt really surprised from the decor and food they splurged me with that day."

If you're from Cebu, Ashley's debut setup might help you source party needs for your own celebration at home. Ashley's sister bought decor from Hannah's Cake Decors & Party Needs. Her cake, on the other hand, was made by Cake Art by Des (@cakeartbydes).


Aleckz Estacio's dreamy rose gold and white debut

Just like other quarantine debutantes, Aleckz bought most of her party decor from Shopee. "I was going for a dreamy rose gold and white themed debut with a touch of nature, hence the artificial leaves. Shopee was indeed a party-saver, without it, I don’t know how I would be able to successfully push through my quarantine debut. With that, salamat Shopee!" Aleckz says.

Aleckz bought a set of rose gold foil balloons originally priced at P798, confetti balloons priced between P163 to P214, curtain fairy lights priced between P398 to P600, and artificial leaves for P69. 

She also bought dinnerware from Shopee, like a donut stand originally priced at P627, rose gold paper cups for P30, and gold-colored utensils for P30.


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