When It's Time To Let Go

Are you brave enough?
by You!   |  Sep 3, 2014
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Sometimes, you love someone too much that not even reality can make you change your mind. Sometimes, even though the truth is hitting you right across the eye, it won't matter. You wouldn't listen. You wouldn't budge. What you hear, what you see, what you know wouldn't make a difference. Yours is a love true and firm. This person means the world to you and you would do everything in your power to be in your well-defined reality forever.

But what if it really wasn't meant to be?

You are hurting and everyone knows that. Yes, your heart is breaking, crushed into thousand little pieces. People have been talking about you. Their words pierce right through you. But you wouldn't. You just couldn't.

How could you? It is her smile that brightens a day full of disappointments. It is one text from her that makes feel better. It is her concern that warms your heart. Those simple, random "Uy, kumain ka na ba?" and "Good night!" cannot fail to erase a frown on your face. When everything simply goes out of bound, one call from her assures you that it would all soon fall back into place.


Still, you cannot deny that it is all the same. The truth changed that and there is no turning back. Yes, yours might be a love without compare, but right now isn't the right time. It isn't easy. It never is. It hurts but it would hurt more to stay.

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You see, it takes a great deal of bravery to love but it takes more courage to let go and end the story. Nevertheless, time will heal the wounds. Time will take back all those broken pieces and make yourself whole again for another attempt to give, to share, to love.

Ella Laguilles blogs at ellaughterchronicles.blogspot.com.

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