What Kind Of Mom Do You Have?

Not all moms are created equal—and that's a good thing because you're not "just like everyone else" either. But the tricky thing about most mother-daughter relationships is that even though you love each other, you just can't seem to understand one another.
by Aileen Santos   |  May 20, 2012
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The Perfectionist Mom

She often says: "Everything has to be perfect!"

She reminds you of: Bree Hodge in Desperate Housewives

When she was a teen: She had to become an adult too fast, and didn't get the chance to be a kid. She often felt she had high standards to live up to. Now, she still applies those standards to herself and her loved ones.

Why she's a cool mom: Your friends are always impressed by your magazine-cover-worthy house, your card-catalogued book and CD collections, and your mom's gourmet cooking.

What's not so cool: You often feel like you can't do anything right compared to her—like you're the one clumsy klutz in her perfect shiny world.

How to deal: She'll never tell you, but she actually feels trapped by her own high standards. Help her loosen up by assuring her when something she's done is good enough, and be generous with your compliments (especially when she thinks she's messed up!).

How she helps you: You get a special kind of satisfaction when you know you've given something your best effort, and people are surprised and honored to know you consider them worthy of that. That's a gift you've gotten from your mom!

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