What Kind Of Lazy Are You?

Summer's gone and your couch potato days are over! Find out what kind of lazy you are and get pointers on how to rev yourself up in time for school.
by Chinggay Labrador   |  Jun 10, 2012
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Which Gossip Girl character could pass for your attitude-twin?
Serena. You're the epitome of chill. You like to coast from day to day (or from subject to subject) when you're in school.
Jenny. You get über caught up in whatever project you're doing that the stress just drives you insane.
Blair. You don't take directions from anyone.
It's the end of season sale and you're desperate for new threads. What do you do?
Wait for your friends to call you. You'd rather do a Michael Cera marathon at home than mix with the crazy crowds.
Go in the middle of the day and get totally lost in the bargain bins.
The barkada is planning a Goodbye to Summer party on the last weekend of the season. What's your contribution?
You're going to make sure the chips and dip keep coming, everyone's got a cup of soda, no one's wrecking any appliances... the list goes on and on!
You're "donating" your house and going to let the others do the work. Party time is fun time!
Is there even any question? You're planning the entire event from start to finish.
What club are you aiming to join this school year?
Blah. You're so not deciding until you know for sure what all the clubs are—they change the lineup every year!
Student Council (president). Last year's school calendar was ridiculous enough—it's time for some real governing to take place!
Fashion Design, Yearbook, Science Club, and Debate. Ah, the plight of being extremely well-rounded.
Whose music do you love listening to for hours?
The Kates—Perry and Nash. They're perfectly pop and non-cheesy, too.
My Chemical Romance—they get your blood pumping!
Colbie Caillat. Her songs make you want to swing on a hammock under some coconut trees by a white, sandy beach.
The gang wants to grab a bite at a doughnut place. What do you order?
Original glazed. It's what you always order.
An iced drink (with coffee and whipped cream) and a Chocolate Iced Custard Filled doughnut.
You found the perfect hoodie at your favorite store, but you didn't bring enough dough to pay for it. What do you do?
Call your mom because you can't decide if you should reserve it, just go back to the store another time, or visit the branch near your house with your mom so she can pay for it. Phew!
Let it go. Not having enough money means that jacket wasn't meant for you!
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