What Kind of Introvert Are You?

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by Mara Agner   |  Dec 9, 2016
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Shy, has an aversion to people, and awkward are just a few terms that people generally use to describe an introvert. In most cases, introverts are depicted as what extroverts are not: outgoing. But there are many layers of being an introvert and it certainly is more than just not being outgoing. Take this quiz to find out what kind of introvert you are.

When you're at a social gathering, you...

Prefer hanging out with small groups.

Almost always get lost in the moment and tend to forget the people around you.

Get clingy with your friends. Because small talks and awkard convos with new people will be the death of you.

Always process information before you say or do it in front of someone else, whether it's a joke, opinion, or a dance move.

Your friends always call you out for...

Prefering to stay at home instead of hanging out with them.

Having a world of your own and not paying too much attention in the present.

Being super awkward at meeting new people.

Being slow in everything you do.

Your worst nightmare as an introvert is...

To be stuck in a room full of extroverts with absolutely no way out.

Spending the day with someone who doesn't value personal space.

Being left alone with someone a friend introduced you to.

Being pressured to make decisions or share your opinions.

When you have some spare time you...

Sneak in a few chapters from your "currently reading" list.

Catch yourself daydreaming about your life or whatever's interesting for you at the moment.

Usually think about the events that happened earlier that day, and analyze the situation.

Wind down especially after an eventful situation.


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