What It's Like to Manage a Fan Account: JaDine Publicist

Ever wonder what it's like to manage social media accounts for your favorite celebrities? Here's a peek into their busy world.
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We know most of you, our dear Candy Girls, are fan girls just like us. And as fan girls, we dedicate our time and even money to make sure the stars we love get the fame and exposure they so deserve because we know how much it takes to make it to the top. But have you ever wondered what it's like to be a fan girl and manage a social media account for your loves at the same time?

We recently got in touch with @JadinePublicistJames Reid and Nadine Lustre's, well, fan publicist and we asked her about a bunch of things we've always been curious about. ICYDK, JaDine Publicist is one of the most reliable social media accounts who give the love team's supporters updates on their most important announcements.

Interested in this work, too, or you're also thinking about making an account like this for your fave celebs? You might want to read this first because it sure is not a walk in the park.

  1. When you're not online, what do you usually do?

"I am a working student. I have one regular job, one to two part-time jobs, and Graduate School. My course is under the College of Business, so my work has a lot to do with events."

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  1. How did you get started on managing these fan accounts?

"I felt the need to air my concerns about James and Nadine's second movie Talk Back and You're Dead back then. I had a lot of issues on the movie, and it bothered me a lot so I set up a blog and a fan page, and asked help from my co-supporters to deliver the message to the producers. I tagged one of the pillars or pioneers of JaDines back then, Fab5andFriends. They helped me push the fans to tag the management. Thankfully, it reached them. Since then, some of my co-fans have been dependent on my views on every project because they know how objective I am as a supporter of JaDine. If the project needs improvement, if I am not satisfied, I would really say it. No sugar-coating for me. I comment on James and Nadine with love and respect because I believe that #LoveCorrects." 

  1. Describe your typical day for us when you're managing your social media accounts?

"Before heading to work, I update my fan accounts. Travel time is updating time. I go heavy on the updates in the morning and get back to work in the evening, after office hours or school hours. I only post important updates in between. If you browse through my accounts, I only post important updates and announcements. I leave the blow-by-blow updates to other fan accounts. That's not my brand's DNA. :) I see to it that my posts are purely work-related. I also avoid posting personal updates on James and Nadine like fan-taken photos, typical whereabouts, and the like. If there are, maybe only a few but it's super rare." 

  1. What's the most challenging and most rewarding moments you've had so far?

"Challenging? Some would say that it's how I juggle work, school, and life as a supporter of JaDine but actually that's not the challenging part for me. I see to it that supporting James and Nadine wouldn't affect my personal life. That's my golden rule. The most challenging part is probably being the ultimate shock-observer of everyone. All their concerns, issues, rants, requests, tantrums, bashing, everything, I kind of absorb them. :)


"My most rewarding moment is witnessing the success of James and Nadine. I've seen them grow as artists. I wasn't there when James started his career in Pinoy Big Brother. I wasn't there when Nadine started her career as a member of Pop Girls. But I was there since the start of JaDine. I started supporting them in March 2014. If you've witnessed their first day as JaDine, it will always give you chills to see how far they have come. Before, it was hard for us to even enter the top 10 trending topics in the country. Our motivation was just to be in the top 10. Now, a lot has changed."

  1. What's the most memorable comment you got from a fellow supporter or fan?

"I've gotten a lot! But the most common comment I get from them is "Ate, please post your selfie." LOL, I won't, of course. I don't want to get on their radar. I am here for James and Nadine. I just want to take the back seat. My identity is not important. Plus, that's something I want to save for myself. If I am busy or I want to take a breather, I just go offline and set aside my fan account. That's how it works for me. That's how I balance everything."

  1. Have you met JaDine already?

"Yes, I was introduced to Nadine in May 2015. Her reaction? "Ah, siya ba yung nag blo-blog?" That gave me the impression that she knows me already. It was just a short encounter. I think the second meet-up sealed her familiarity with me. I was re-introduced during the OTWOL Media Day last August 2015. It was a rare opportunity to have lunch with James and Nadine. So, I had much time chatting with them. That for me was my most memorable experience with JaDine as a fan.

"I was formally introduced to James also during that same event, but I was not sure if it's enough to establish a good recall. I was re-introduced during OTWOL's press conference for the JaDine in Love concert and OTWOL's finale. That was February 16. It was Tita Dinz Castro who mentioned me to him. When she said that I'm JaDine Publicist, James said he knows me.


"I am not really sure how familiar James and Nadine are with me but I am always there in every press conference and event."

  1. How do you usually get your inside info on the love team?

We asked JaDine Publicist about this and she said that there are people who trust her, so it's a secret she can't disclose. :)

  1. Are there moments when you find it stressful to manage the accounts?

"Of course. I open my Instagram and receive unimportant messages from dummy accounts. I also read a lot of tantrums and rants from a lot of people. It's stressful and toxic. I am also not spared from bashers. During moments like that, I just pray for them. That's how I relax my mind. And also, this formula: Basa. Tawa. Deadma."

  1. Do you have any advice for those who'd also want to do the same for the celebrities they love?

"This is the most important lesson I've learned while doing this: While you are busy helping your favorite stars chase their dreams, don't forget to go after your own dreams as well. Too much isn't always good. Learn how to balance your commitments."


Follow JaDine Publicist on Twitter @JadinePublicist, on Instagram @jadinepublicist_, and on WordPress: http://jadinepublicist.wordpress.com.

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