What It's Like #GrowingUpWithLenientParents

When your parents have more chill than you.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 30, 2016
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Your parents will always be there for you. They'll be beside you for the fun times and they'll be with you through the tough times. But not all parents are the same. Some can be pretty strict and some can be pretty lenient, while others are in between. We got an idea on what it's like to grow up with strict parents before. Now, we're getting a few ideas on what it's like having lenient parents when the hashtag trended on Twitter recently. Race your hands if you can relate to one, two, or all of these tweets!

1. No questions will be asked whenever you go out of the house.

2. You can make plans with your friends right away because you know the 'rents will be ~*chill*~ about it.

3. So when you say you're going to ask permission, your friends kinda know you're lying because you never do that.

4. You sometimes end up playing parents to your siblings.

5. They sometimes make excuses for you.

6. It gets uncomfortable at times when your friends come over and they get too close with your parents.

7. There are even moments when you're the one who ends up worrying about them because they get home later than you. Why???

8. But the truth is, you know that you really haven't done anything serious yet that will cause them to discipline you. So you better be careful.

9. Also, there's a high chance that Asian kids won't be able to relate to the trending topic. #RealTalk

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