The Lowdown on Period-Shaming and Why It Should Stop

You know that feeling when you have your period and you become conscious of your every move for the fear that you'll have tagos?
by Yana Kalaw   |  Oct 4, 2017
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You know that feeling when you have your period and you become conscious of your every move for the fear that you'll have tagos? Or when it's suddenly your first day of having your period. You're not prepared so you panic because you don't really want to have a stain on your good jeans. Dread kicks in that you'd have to deal with this for the rest of your week and you pray to the gods that all your articles of clothing won't be stained red.

Because when you do have tagos, you'd feel that moment of panic sink in. The embarrassment that you'll feel when people can see that mark on your jeans. You would be left wondering what people might say behind your back about it. You think so much on how you would cover it up and you become afraid of what people might say if they see you, as if you're baring your soul for the world to see. You're scared to be judged for it like it's your fault that you bleed every month. To make things worse, you also get period cramps that same day. You don't want to be embarrassed and easily annoyed at the same time. 

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If we think about it though why are we really embarrassed by our monthly visitor? Why do we feel that way every time we have tagos? Why do we have to ask in secret if someone has napkins or to ask someone to check for you if you got a stain? Isn't having a period so common to all that we shouldn't be embarrassed talking about it? Think about it more clearly. It's just blood that's coming out from your body. And contrary to popular belief, period blood is not dirty. It's perfectly clean. In fact, it's considered as the cleanest blood of the body since our vaginas are perfectly sterile. Don't judge it from the smell that comes with it because what blood doesn't smell right?

We should stop the notion that period blood is dirty because it's really not. We also have to accept the fact that sometimes, our period flows so much that we can't help ourselves that we get a stain on our jeans and we don't have to be embarrassed about it. It's perfectly normal for that to happen. You shouldn't make it ruin your day because it just happens. Period problems will never go away but it's how you deal with it that can make or break your day.


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