What Happens In Boracay, Stays in Boracay

by Chinggay Labrador   |  Apr 27, 2010
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Everyone's heard at least one version of the story. The barkada plans a summer trip to Boracay for some sun, sand, surf... and then some. The secrets, the little details that parents never find out about, are the stuff of legends. Drugs, booze, shameless flirting, and casual sex are all part of the summer party package. Sure, there are consequences, but under the heat of the mid-April sun, it's easy to forego the what-ifs. In fact, the what-ifs—the possibility of getting stoned, getting drunk, or getting pregnant—make things all the more tempting. What's a summer out-of-town trip without the thrill of doing the dirty and getting away with it?

All In The Name Of Fun

Ria*, 18, and two of her best friends decided to celebrate their high school graduation by taking the token summer trip to Boracay. All raring to celebrate their freedom from the confines of an exclusive Catholic high school, they all went off on their vacation-with their respective boyfriends. Each couple had a room to themselves. Granted, everything that went on in those hotel rooms was kept under wraps-but it was obvious to everyone just what exactly was going on.

Charisse*, Ria's batch mate from the same high school, decided to forego the usual Boracay trip for a beach trip closer to Manila. "We'd spend our nights at the beach, just drinking and smoking," she shares. "We'd sneak in joints, too—but definitely no hard drugs."   The alcohol and the smoking helped in upping the level of fun, and the memory of that trip to the beach always elicits laughs from Charisse and her friends. After all, nothing really bad happened.


While it may seem that only a small number of teens engage in this devil-may-care attitude, the reality is that a lot of high school and college students do involve themselves in risky business—especially under the guise of a "fun," out-of-town trip. These urban legends are no longer isolated cases, and it seems as though each barkada has its own Boracay kuwento to parade in social circles. Cindy*, 17, says that even kids aged 13 and 14 find themselves engaging in reckless behavior involving something as serious as "casual" sex.

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