What Are Your Thoughts On The Cybercrime Prevention Act?

We want to know what YOU think.
  |  Oct 3, 2012
photo courtesy of sxc.hu
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Signed by the President of the Republic of the Philippines along with the House of Representatives and the Senate, Republic Act No. 10175 or "An act defining cybercrime, providing for the prevention, investigation, suppression and the imposition of penalties therefor and for other purposes" has been enforced today, October 3, after its approval on September 12.

A lot of netizens have been expressing their outrage by changing their profile pictures to black, posting shaded status messages, and some even blacking out their websites as a sign of protest.

While there are provisions that make this law beneficial to us, some are questioning if there are provisions that threaten the Filipinos' right to freedom of speech.

We want to know. Have you read it? Do you agree that we need a Cybercrime Prevention Act? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

What do you think of the Cybercrime Prevention Act?

I think it's only right that we have a law that protects us from cybercrime. People are so abusive and need to be put in their place.
We don't need this law. There are other more pressing issues that need the government's attention.
I believe that there is a need for a cybercrime law, but I think that it needs to be revised so that our freedom of speech is not threatened.

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