Ways to Get Financial Support for Tuition Even If Your Grades Aren’t That High

There are other ways to pay for tuition even if your grades aren't as competitive as others'.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Aug 9, 2020
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Now that classes have started again for majority of schools, many students and parents are again faced with the burden of paying for tuition. Although many schools offer scholarship grants, these often require a certain academic achievement that not everyone is capable of complying with. For students whose grades aren’t necessarily high, such financial aid programs are out of the picture. But it’s not entirely hopeless for these students. There are a few other ways to pay for your tuition even if your grades aren’t as competitive as others'. Below are a few ways that could hopefully help:

Scholarships with no grade requirement

Some private corporations offer scholarships that does not implement a minimum grade requirement. Scholarship programs like that of Phinma Foundation offer financial assistance for tuition fees and even allowances for miscellaneous expenses for students in select universities and courses. They also have a mentorship and leadership program that come with the scholarship. For the list of requirements, visit their page here.


Grants for financially-challenged students

Some schools also have a special program for students who are in need of financial assistance. UP’s Socialized Tuition System offers discounts on tuition based on the student’s capacity to pay. Students may apply as long as they have not committed any penalties or offenses.

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Become a student assistant

Other universities also have programs that allow students to participate part-time as a student-assistant. UP also has such a program which allows students taking no more than 21 units in a semester to gain work experience within the university and be compensated for a certain amount at hourly rates.

Working student scholarships

You may also check if your school offers a special program for students who are working part-time. For instance, Ateneo de Davao University has a program that awards grants for working students in need of financial aid. Students hoping to apply should only maintain a minimum WPA of 80 every semester, with no grades lower than 75, which is less strict compared to the usual scholarship grade retention of 85.


Take a gap year

Going on a gap year is not an unusual choice for college students. Schools allow their students to take a leave of absence for a certain amount of time; this does not mean that the student is withdrawing from the university entirely. 

During your gap year, you may try to earn allowance from part-time or freelance jobs (there are several platforms that collate home-based jobs if you need funds). Not only do you gain work experience, but you also get the chance to support yourself financially and even take some time off to assess your future career plans.


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