Victoria Justice is Against Cyber-Bullying

Star of Victorious Victoria Justice gives advice to her fans about going against cyber-bullying.
  |  Oct 21, 2010
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A lot of celebrities (and even regular peeps like you!) are banding together to fight the battle against bullying. In this live stream with Victorious's Victoria Justice, she talks to her fans about cyber bullying. Her advice? "Tell your friends at school who are being mean to someone that that's not okay. Even if someone did something that hurt your feelings or did something that's not really that cool or mean to you, take the high road! Just don't talk to them, don't hang out with them." She warns them not to be a bully either. "Don't spread rumors about them, though and don't torture them and try make it your goal to make their life miserable. You wouldn't want someone doing that to you." She has this to say to people who are being bullied, "if people are bullying you, they don't matter. They're insecure about themselves. Go to your family for support. Make friends that are also really supportive."


What are you doing to stop bullying in your school? Share your thoughts with other Candy Girls below!

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