7 Things To Do If You Aspire To Be More Like Vico Sotto

by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jul 22, 2020
Image: Facebook/VicoSotto, Instagram/vicosotto
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Vico Sotto currently serves as the mayor of Pasig City. On June 30, 2020, the mayor commemorated his first year in service. In the 12 months of being seated as the mayor, Vico Sotto has been busy spearheading all sorts of initiatives for the city, which earned him much respect from Pasig and non-Pasig residents alike. If you wish to emulate the good things from the mayor, here are some things to take note of:

Know when to balance work with a little sense of humor.

Despite the good work he’s been doing so far, the mayor knows that it’s not always about business. Now more than ever, a little sense of humor is much appreciated, even in his line of work. Remember that moment during one of his Facebook Lives where he jokingly snapped at a netizen who kept on asking the same question? Or that time when he took it in stride when he was mistakenly dubbed a tricycle operator? Thanks for the good vibes, mayor.



Express your love for people you care about.

The Pasig City mayor is a thoughtful son. In the midst of all his duties, he didn’t forget to greet his dad Vic Sotto a Happy Father’s Day.

Of course, he also did the same for his mom a year ago, and even claimed that, he “will always be her baby.”


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Base your beliefs on data instead of going with the flow.

Effective plans need to be backed by sound data, even if it isn’t the popular opinion, and the mayor knows it.


Give credit where credit is due.

He may be at the forefront of government initiatives in his city, but he’s certainly not the only one hard at work to make these initiatives possible. He also knows it's important to acknowledge the hard work of his team because it's the right thing to do. 

Know the value of team work.

Public service isn’t a competition. The Pasig City mayor once acknowledged a good idea from Valenzuela City and thought that his own city would appreciate a similar initiative. Of course, he didn’t fail to acknowledge the original creator of the idea, which encouraged team work among public officials to combat the common enemy, COVID-19.


Recognize other people’s hard and honest work.

Even regular people can contribute to society, all it takes is a little recognition to inspire the rest to follow suit.

Recognize and acknowledge others’ realities even if they’re different from yours.

Your family may look a little different from others', but it doesn't make yours any less of one. As part of Pasig City's COVID-19 relief efforts, the local government made financial support accessible for traditional households as well as ones with "solo parents, married couples without a child, and LGBTQ partners with a child," which is one step towards being more inclusive.


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