Very Important Lessons We Learned from the Disney Princesses

by Chinggay Labrador   |  May 14, 2015
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 1  Overreacting to an argument with your mom (ie, tearing up her embroidery work) is so unnecessary. It's easier to talk things out with a human mom than have to settle the score with a literal Mama Bear.
—Merida, Brave
 2  One day, your annoying little sister is going to save your butt from a doomed, icy, cold, solitary life. Be nice to her already and save the drama for another day.
—Elsa, Frozen
 3  Look up at the night sky every so often. You'll find magic there.
—Rapunzel, Tangled
 4  Pretty boys who snag you with a love-at-first-sight vibe are worth the heartache. They'll lead you to someone who's worthy of your awesomeness.
—Anna, Frozen
 5  It pays to be good to your furry friends. Have courage and be kind... after all, it takes a courageous and kind girl to befriend rats.


10 Life Lessons We Learned from Disney Princesses

 6  Excessive vanity will be the end of you. Love your reflection—just don't looove your reflection.
Snow White
 7  She may be ancient, but your grandma's got a lot of wisdom in her. Listen.
 8  When doing arts and crafts, like experimenting on a spinning wheel, take care at all times. Wear a thimble, if possible.
Sleeping Beauty
 9  It's worth it to step out of your princess comfort zone from time to time. Street rats can teach you a thing or two about the world.
—Jasmine, Aladdin
 10  You can win any battle just as long as you're smart enough to figure out a strategy.

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