Useful Apps, Browser Features Every Student Should Know About

These will make your life SO much easier.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Aug 16, 2020
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Navigating through the world wide web is our generation’s expertise, but there might still be a lot we don’t know about technology. When it comes to online classes, we might think we’ve already tried all possible apps and features that will make our lives easier. But there's still a lot to discover. Check out the useful apps and browser extensions that might assist you with studying for online learning:

Google Mail Checker

Available for: Google Chrome

Nowadays, e-mails have become an integral part of online classes. Our professors may send important class announcements and deadlines via e-mail, so it's important for students to regularly check if they have any new messages. 

Instead of having to visit the e-mail webpage every single time you have to check for new mail, the browser extension Google Mail Checker will instead display how many new and unread messages you have in your inbox in one tiny icon.



Available for: Google Chrome and Firefox

If you’re someone who tends to keep an infinite number of tabs open because you’re doing research and they all contain important info, OneTab might prove useful for you. OneTab is a browser extension that will transform all your tabs into a list which you can access in just one tab, thus reducing the number of tabs open and helping your browser lag less. When you need to restore a tab, you can simply click on it on the list to reopen it individually.

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Available for: Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Sometimes, even the little things help us feel more ~organized~, just like the dashboard extension called Momentum. Once installed, Momentum will display only the things you need to focus on in one screen, making it less likely for you to be distracted.

It shows you the time in a big noticeable font and greets you with an inspiring quote at the bottom to keep you motivated. You can also customize the text on the screen to display the most crucial task you need to work on for that day to keep you on track. It also has an area dedicated for your to-do list so you can tick them off as you finish them.



Not everyone gets to be a whiz at Photoshop. At the same time, not everyone has access to Microsoft Office. Canva can help students in both cases. If you need to work on a presentation for class, Canva has numerous sets of temlates you can choose from for your slides. It also allows you to save your creation in various extensions like .PNG, .JPG, and even .PDF. 

If one of your requirements for class involves making posters and other visual materials, Canva also has several templates for posters and visual cards as well as features that lets you customize them to your liking.


Because most of students' readings nowadays are in PDF format, you'll have to go through them virtually if you don't want to waste ink and paper by printing them. PDFElement allows you to add notes on every page of your PDF file, the way you could when it's printed out. That way, you won't have to transfer to another window to write down your notes about the lesson. You can do it on the same page for an easier reading experience.



Available on: macOS, iOS, and Android devices; also available asa browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

Lists are life, and if you want to stay on track of all your school requirements, jotting them down on a to-do list might help. Todoist is an app that let's you do just that in an easy-to-navigate manner. You can separate tasks per subject to keep it organized and even make a sub-to-do list under an existing bullet point.

It's sync feature also makes it easier for you to access your to-do list on various devices. You can tick off tasks on your phone even when your laptop isn't open. 


Available for: Google Chrome

Doing heavy research for a paper? Reviewing online sources for your upcoming exam? Weava might help make your life a little less miserable. This browser extension allows you to highlight text on any website and instantly copies it on a clipboard. You can just keep on highlighting on the current webpage you're on and it'll collate everything into one window. This would a big help if you're compiling direct quotes as a reference for your research or paper or if you're making a reviewer for personal use with the help of online sources. Just click on the Weava icon if you want to see everything you've highlighted. (Friendly note: Be careful while highlighting and make sure you're not plagiarizing!)



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