UP Manila Student Gets Real About What Happens When You Shift Courses Late

The struggle doesn't end once you've successfully shifted.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Aug 18, 2020
Image: YOUTUBE/Joslin Nicole
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In the Philippines, we choose our majors way before we get accepted to a university, so more often than not, students choose a college course based off on their first impressions of the curriculum. That can change when you finally step into the classroom and realize that your course is way different from your initial expectations. 

This is why it's totally okay to consider the option of shifting to a different course. It's recommended that you make the shift as early as possible so you won't have to catch up on so many units later on, but not everyone gets to figure out what they really want as early as others.

For University of the Philippines - Manila (UPM) student and content creator Joslin Nicole, shifting courses was a choice she had to make a little bit later than everyone else. In a YouTube video uploaded on her channel, Joslin opened up about why she made the shift during her second year and how the process was like for her. "It was like high school all over again," she shares in her vlog.


Joslin shifted from Public Health to Behavioral Sciences after realizing that the former's curriculum was something she wasn't entirely interested in. While it's an option that will serve her better in the long run, the process of shifting isn't entirely easy (and this was pre-quarantine so the process might be entirely different now). It involves dropping by different departments, asking about the requirements, and making sure you fulfill them on time. 

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The struggle doesn't end once you've successfully shifted. Because you're new, you'll have to catch up on the curriculum and become an irregular student. During enlistment, you'll have to wait until regular students get to choose their classes before you can enlist. According to Joslin, it helps to find a group of students going through the same experiences as you! 

Because she also shifted during her second year, Joslin mentioned that there' the possibility of getting delayed. For Joslin though, shifting was a choice she didn't regret after weighing the pros and cons of staying in a course that didn't align with her career goals. "I knew what I wanted for myself and I went for it," she shares.


Watch her entire vlog and get insights on shifting here:


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