UE Student Leaders Help Financially-Challenged Classmates With ‘Sagip Kamag-aral’ Projects

In UE, there's #NoStudentLeftBehind.
by Bernadette Rivera   |  Aug 20, 2020
Image: Facebook/UE Manila - University Student Council (USC)
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With everything that’s happening around the world, education is still a priority for many. When the pandemic started and we were put into a strict quarantine, no one actually thought about what will happen when school finally opens. That was until the government suggested online classes. But with recession due to the economy collapsing, a lot of students can’t afford to buy new laptops and gadgets to use for their online classes and not everyone can have a stable internet connection at home. But since the new academic year is fast approaching, these students have no choice but to comply.

Despite everyone’s situation, there are still people who are willing to give help to those who are in need. Like the students from the University of the East who launched different projects to help their financially-challenged classmates and schoolmates.

These four projects namely Open Tab Project, Connect A Student, HelpEng’g Hand, and CABALIKAT were all from the initiatives and advocacies of UE’s student leaders as an extension to their scholarship program called Sagip Kamag-aral that aims to help their fellow students in times of crisis.


Weak internet connection? No device for online class? Don't worry these projects might help you! Open Tab Project is...

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Posted by UE Manila - University Student Council (USC) on Thursday, August 6, 2020

In an interview with UE Student Council President Justine Jae Calatong through Messenger, she said that these projects are their way to extend their fundraising projects that focus on different colleges. Justine is also the founder of Sagip Kamag-aral project.

“I started this Sagip Kamag-aral in UE as personal advocacy since the council is not allowed to have fundraising projects, then it was extended by my fellow student leaders targeting different concerns."

"Sagip Kamag-aral is an initiative and advocacy which creates fundraising projects to aid and address the needs of the students especially those who are really affected by the pandemic crisis. [The] first fundraising to give scholarship to the student assistants who lost their SA program due to the shift to online class, it was successfully done in UE Manila, we've enrolled 11 students through this," she added.


These projects were purposely created before the start of this semester to help fellow students who are struggling in coping up with online classes. If you want to know more about these projects or you wish to donate, check this out. 

Open Tab Project

This project aims to provide tablets and pocket wifis for the students who need it.

Since the first semester is fast approaching we are aware that not all student is capable to have a gadget that is...

Posted by Open Tab - Fundraising Project on Saturday, July 25, 2020

Connect A Student

Like Open Tab, this project’s purpose is to provide pocket wifis for students but only for those who are under the College of Arts and Sciences or CAS.

Given the pandemic crisis, students will be facing screens instead of boards as the new form of education approaches....

Posted by Connect A Student on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

HelpEng’ Hand

This project is dedicated to engineering students of UE to lessen their burden in transitioning to online classes by providing internet data load allowance.


HelpEng’g Hand is a fundraising project that aims to provide pocket wifi to help our fellow engineering students, who...

Posted by HelpEngg Hand on Monday, July 27, 2020


If the Connect A Student project is for CAS students, CABALIKAT is for the College of Business Administration students, hence CaBAlikat. The goal of this is to give load, sim cards, and pocket wifis to Business Ad students for them to have access to the internet.

To start the academic year during this time of pandemic is a great challenge for the students. Most of us do not have...

Posted by Cabalikat - Fundraising Project on Monday, August 3, 2020
Qualified students underwent an application process where they filled out forms, sent letter of intent, and an interview.


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