Tricia Gosingtian Talked About Her Experience with Anxiety

by Mara Agner   |  Apr 6, 2017
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Mental health issues are rarely discussed in public platforms so when life, style, and travel blogger Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada posted a series of tweets about her personal experience in dealing with anxiety, a lot of people reached out to her and shared either words of encouragement or how they found her post relatable.

Tricia was doing IG Live when someone mentioned K-Pop group WINNER wherein her bias is Taehyun, who unfortunately left the group stating anxiety as the reason. She said she totally got his reason, thus the beginning of what she calls her "ramblings."

She first shared that reaching out to other people made her anxious.

"Life is a lesson about communication and it's hard to live properly if you can't bring yourself to reach out to anyone (a.k.a. super introverted, overly anxious me)"

Then she talked about the reason behind it. "Crazy trust issues after I caught an old 'friend' doing all sorts of backstabbing. A long time ago but I'm still scared to make new friends.

"And I kind of hate myself for still being afraid to reach out to anyone, you know? If anything, it's really a battle versus my own mind."

At one point, she said her anxiety made her decline or say no to a lot of things. "Recently I learned that Zayn also opened up about his anxiety. I've said NO to a lot of things because of the THOUGHT of mini panic attacks."

And she even replied to a follower who said she sometimes gets a headache because of anxiety, saying, "same—I have acid reflux from too much mental stress + I've had episodes where I also vomit in high-stress anxiety-inducing situations."


And like the lovely person that she is, she also posted about how having anxiety has helped her in some way.

"Being overly anxious also has its perks, somehow. I'm like hyper-aware about everything, which can also be good. I need to snap out of this."

After 24 hours since her last tweet, people are still talking about her post. She got so many comments and private messages about other people's personal stories that she decided to answer the most asked question: how she decided to work in an industry that requires her to share, to be visible, etc. Read her answer below.

What other mental health issues would you like us to talk about?

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