Top 5 Insecurities of Guys and Girls Revealed!

Think your insecurities are bad? Don't stress! We all go through them. Boys have insecurities too!
by Raffy del Rosario   |  Jul 5, 2010
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Girls’ Top 5 Insecurities

  1. “I’m so fat.”
    Even when I had just begun to tally my survey, the breakaway had already made itself apparent. At the end of the reckoning, the insecurity over being fat took a whopping 60% of all the responses! I began to think, “Really? Either I haven’t been getting out or all these so called ‘fat girls’ are staying in!”
  2. Face Forward!
    Soaps, cleansers, moisturizers, creams … It’s a whole chemical world out there (or in the facial care aisle at the grocery at least)! Girls are highly conscious of their faces; every blemish is a curse, every spot a potentially scarring ugly mark! The more girls grieve over that newly sprung pimple and those wide open pores, the stronger the illusion that a perfect face is not actually had but made. In a decade: face lift, anyone?
  3. Airhead Alert
    I’ve never seen girls so competitive as with grades. This was an amusing thought as I found out that girls gloss over the fear of not being smart enough. Perhaps it’s the thought that guys wouldn’t be interested in dating airheads. I’ve no contention there but I haven’t quite encountered too many girls I wouldn’t date on that count.
  4. Low Heeled
    Never mind that the petite look can be quite attractive and that the occurrence of tall girls in a predominantly stunted populace can make lanky females seem overly gifted. In spite of these, girls can still regard being “vertically challenged” as some abominable handicap (like this is a real girl issue!).
  5. No boys
    Girls rush to claim that they’re not good enough when met with the slightest suggestion of disinterest from boys.  The fact that no one from the soirée has texted or asked you to the prom gives you the idea that perhaps you are simply unattractive. It seems that the issue disregards the statistical fact that there are six females to every one male in the last census. So don’t take it personally.

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