Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Enchong

by Angel Constantino Aquino   |  Feb 23, 2010
photo courtesy of Star Magic
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  1. He has a great relationship with his parents. "I was born and raised in Naga City. When I was recruited by DLSU to join their swim team in 2005, my family decided to move to Manila. My parents are like my friends. I can talk to them about anything. They usually let me and my siblings do what we want—they let us make our own mistakes so we can learn from them."
  2. He's close to his siblings. "I have three siblings, AJ, Ice, and Angelica. When we were younger, my brothers and I would fight about small things, but now we just laugh about them! My youngest sister is an adopted child, and she is a real blessing in our family."
  3. He dreams big. "I'm majoring in Political Science because I want to be an ombudsman or an ambassador."
  4. He's passionate about swimming. "My love for swimming began when my parents threw me into the pool when I was six years old. I instinctively flapped my arms and I didn't drown so they knew I had potential. Now, I train every day, except Sundays, and I compete once every two months, both here and abroad. My favorite stroke is the butterfly. They say if you're one of the best at doing the butterfly, you're also one of the best swimmers 'cause it's the hardest stroke!"
  5. He knows how to stay grounded. "I try not to let my showbiz career go to my head—I remind myself that I'm still an athlete."
  6. He's a good friend who can make you laugh. "I'm a happy person and I make sure my friends are also happy when they're with me. I give advice when people share their problems, but I try not to be too serious. Pinapatawa ko na lang sila!"
  7. He knows how to manage his time wisely. "I go to class on time then after school, I have pictorials or rehearsals. If not, I train. I study or do my homework in between takes. I make sure that I focus on whatever I'm doing-it's my duty, my obligation."
  8. He's sweet and romantic. "I don't have a girlfriend now but I'm in no hurry to have one. I believe in fate and I know the right girl is out there."
  9. He's a man of the world! "The thing I love most about swimming is getting to know people from different countries. The most interesting countries I've been to are India and Qatar. The people are very hospitable, while their food is quite challenging to eat!"
  10. He knows how to deal with his insecurities. "I'm very insecure about my height. In showbiz, almost everyone is taller than me. But I tell myself, it's okay-I have a healthy body and I know how to swim! Ha, ha! In terms of acting, I've learned to accept criticism. I see it as a positive thing. It helps me to grow and become a better person."
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