To The Person I Regret Leaving

What if we were meant to be?
by You!   |  Dec 5, 2014
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Just a few months ago, I read the letter you mailed me a year ago—on the same day we separated. It felt like the past was haunting me. In a snap, everything came rushing back and I felt nothing but sadness. I was lonely because it took me a year to know that you have written something for me, something that could possibly change my mind. I cried in pain, because I only realized how much I had after I left you. If only I had a time machine and take me back to the day I made my decision to leave you, I would turn things around. But no, this is not a fairy tale and no matter how many tears fall from my eyes, things can never go back to the way they were.

Every day, I find myself craving for something I will never have again. The thought of you is pretty much ironic; you are the cause of my happiness and yet you are the root of my heartache. I am aware that it is wrong to ask for you to come back and be with me again because I have been so selfish when I left you in ruins. The harsh truth is, that deep affection you once had for me is now turned into something that I cannot even recognize anymore. I put the blame all to myself for that. You loved me so sincerely, and there I was, taking you for granted. They say everything happens for a reason. Perhaps, you were not just a fleeting scene in my life; you were my counsel, my comfort zone. You left me with a lesson and it's something I'll always be thankful for.

If fate ever finds a way to make our paths cross again, then maybe, you and I are undoubtedly meant to be.

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