To The Girl With The Big Imagination

by Aaliyah Ybanez   |  Apr 3, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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For those who often catch themselves in the middle of a daydream, thinking about speeding up time just to end this excruciatingly long class you're in or whatever you're doing, what are you thinking about? People underestimate the power of the mind and the power of someone who dares to imagine big, big things. Sometimes it could get annoying when you think too much or when you're all alone, it's getting dark and your imagination plays with your mind. You end up scaring yourself, thinking that you saw something move behind you when really, nothing did. But that's not all that there is to it. Some people fail to see is that having a big imagination is actually the key to conquering the world. Those who imagine big, who dream big, usually end up being the innovators and kickstarters of change.

When you have a wide imagination, you don't confine yourselves to just where you are. You think out of the box, you're creative, and you find ways to get things done. When there are days that make you feel like you're insignificant, you would imagine yourself flying out of the country or just pretending that you’re not where you are at that instant and that makes you feel so much better.

It would be a wonder to be able to view someone else's thoughts. When you daydream, you'd suddenly look out and gaze at something not totally there, you feel light and then you're whisked away in your thoughts, unencumbered by the other things surrounding you. You don't do anything but suddenly, you feel everything. In your thoughts, you are alone but mighty, as if you could conquer anything.


That's one amazing thing about having such a wild imagination, you get to feel so intensely and profusely. Even if you were to just watch a simple TV Drama, it's as if you were the lead character, experiencing the same heartbreak and anguish she's feeling, and you find yourself in tears in between commercial breaks. This isn't to say you cry easily, it's just that you have a great capacity to sympathize with others. You've felt every emotion tingle through your body, pain, joy, terror, bewilderment, and you didn't even have to move a single muscle. Some people find it amusing how you could talk on and on about the things you've only imagined in your head, like a dream with you cartwheeling around Mt. Everest, or having a dinner date in Saturn, or even just flying around the Philippines just to beat the intense traffic. Some may find it weird or bizarre. Don't mind them; you're light-years far ahead of them.

So don't ever think you're weird, some people don’t have the same gift that you have, and that's something that you should be proud of.

Hats off to you. Don't ever stop dreaming and imagining.

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