Check Out This TikTok Content Creator's Videos About *Actual* Paranormal Experiences

by Katrina Golamco   |  Oct 31, 2021
Image: TIKTOK/@yummy_biancake
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We are on our last stretch of the Spooky Season this year, and we are all making the best and most out of it before we enter the Christmas holiday. As usual, from local to international, big or small, content creators have been feeding us horror content from left to right to satisfy the horror junkies in all of us for Halloween. On TikTok, 21-year old creator Bianca Mallora (@yummy_biancake) has gained attention because of her unique creepy storytelling of Philippine horror classics and her own and others' paranormal experiences. 

Bianca, with currently over one million followers on TikTok, has been creating videos since 2018 with varying themes. And just recently, she began curating content centered around ghostly first- and second-hand encounters, which helped her become known around the TikTok community. She shared that it all started when she participated in this horror trend with the audio "She Knows," acting out her schoolmates' anecdotes when they went out camping and had a ghostly encounter. 


tsinelas. ##fyp ##xycba

? she knows - favsoundds

"When I posted my video, I never thought that it would go viral. From that, I started posting horror content on my TikTok account because I noticed that they liked my horror content," she shared. 


ayan na mga request nyo hahah good night #fyp #xycba

? original sound - Ian Asher

Different social media platforms, especially Facebook, reposted her horror videos just in time for Halloween. The “Hail Mary” video, as she labeled it, also became her favorite one yet, and was the crowd favorite on Facebook and, especially on TikTok with over 20 million views and 2.4 million likes. After the success of her first horror video, Bianca gained many followers, requesting her to do more with the same theme. Considering she has been a fan of horror films since she was a kid, these ideas became an interesting and easy direction for her to take. 

@yummy_biancake Moral of the story: don't just memorize a prayer, pray it by heart? #fyp ? she knows - favsoundds

Her videos are so on-point and well-executed that even she also gets scared while filming, especially for the stories she had encountered personally. She shared, "Every time I film myself, I always ask my sister if she will accompany me in doing my videos." 

Head to her TikTok account @yummy_biancake to get the spooks you crave this Halloween!

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