This Simple Typing Job Lets You Earn Up to P14,000

The good thing about it is you can work whenever you want, which is convenient for students with online classes.
by The Candy Staff   |  May 19, 2021
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Many students who have nowhere to go have spent their time at home putting up businesses and pursuing passion projects, especially now that they don't receive allowance regularly. If you're particularly interested in earning extra money for yourself during your free time at home, this online typing job might fit the bill.

Jhazel de Vera, a YouTuber who talks about different ways to earn income online, shares one typing gig even students can do during their spare time: a typing job on a website called Rev is an online platform where people can have their audio or video content transcribed into text by AI and humans alike.

Freelancers can apply either as a captioner or a transcriptionist. A captioner transcribes the audio of a video content and makes sure the subtitles are synced with the video. A transcriptionist merely transcribes the audio content into text.

How can I apply?

To apply, Jhazel mentions that you'll first have to pass their entrance examination, which is composed of two parts: the first is about grammar while the second part is dedicated to your transcribing skills. If you passed the exam, you'll be notified in a few weeks via e-mail. Afterwhich, you can now begin booking transcription jobs on the site. 

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There are also several tiers for freelancers on the website, and each level has a corresponding number of perks. For instance, beginners start out as a Rookie, and they will have limited options when it comes to the jobs you can take on. You will also be graded by an editor depending on your performance. The more hours you transcribe, the closer you'll be to climbing up a level.

How much does it pay?

According to Jhazel, the amount you'll earn depends on how much work you get done. The minimum pay is $0.3 (roughly P14) per minute for transcriptions and $0.54 (around P26) for captions. But Jhazel notes that the rate for both captions and transcriptions can reach up to $1.1 (or almost P53) per minute, depending on the difficulty level of the audio or video. The average earnings on the site is around $300, which is roughly equal to P14,300. 

The good thing about this stint is the schedule. You can work whenever you want and take on as many projects as you can, as long as you submit within the deadline, which is convenient even for students who have to attend online classes. 


You can learn more about this typing job on Jhazel's YouTube channel.


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