This is Why Jennifer Niven is Every Fangirl's Dream Author

Let's just say she completely understands her fans.
by Mara Agner   |  Oct 19, 2016
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Author of YA books, All the Bright Places and Holding Up the Universe, Jennifer Niven is a rockstar for many young adult readers. And with the fan stories she shared with us, we completely understand why.

For someone who has written fiction for adults, she thinks YA fans are great!

"They're lovely readers in adult fiction, but they don't have that kind of really wonderful passion in young adult literature. There's this fierce protectiveness and loyalty and—passion is the best word I know to describe it—and I love that about them."

She tries to reply to her fans' messages…

"I try to reply to their messages. It's gotten overwhelming—there are just so many now—but I try to be really active by responding to them through tweets and snaps. I also get private messages and emails, so what I try to do is I definitely respond to the ones who are in trouble, like those who are struggling, who are saying, 'I felt so alone until I've read your book. What advice can you give me to get help?'"


…But when she can't, she just publicly declares her love for them.

"Replying to them is always important to me. But sometimes, when I can't, I just do a post about how much I love my readers—which I do with my whole heart. It's so important to me that they see that they are being acknowledged and that I hear them, I see them, and they matter to me."

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She appreciates all her fans' efforts.

"I want them to know that I see it—the posts, book edits, fan art, and images. I find them really wonderful and I appreciate it a lot that they take all their time, energy, and love to do it."

That's because she's a fangirl herself!

"I'm a fan girl of so many different things. I totally relate to the passion of the fans… I get them. I'm one myself."

In fact, she wrote an alternate ending for fans who didn't quite like one of her book's ending.


"I will say for a couple of readers who were just so devastated because 'I don't think I can go on until you write me a happy ending,' I did write a happy ending. I was like, okay, here."

And she reads the fan fiction her fans write about her books!

"They're great—I read them whenever I can when I know about them. I've read one about Finch [from All the Bright Places] being a ghost and I didn't even know what was happening but it was so cute and sweet."

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