This Is How You Won't Lose Her

Alve Jane Aranton writes about how a guy can make you stay with him for good.
by You!   |  Jan 8, 2014
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You've lost her too many times, again and again. And although it has happened more than twice, she just keeps on coming back. But if you don't want to lose her for good, this is how you won't.

At midnight when everybody else is asleep and your argument is going nowhere, pull her back into you and hug her. She'll feel the warmth of your embrace that she won't ever let go. You're going to have a great morning.

When she can't fall asleep at 3 AM, call her and sing her to sleep through the layers of signals between you. You want her to sleep because you care for her. She'll dream about you.

Talk to her. Talk to her about things that only the two of you can know. Make her laugh or make her cry out of laughter. 

Respect her because she deserves it. Respect her strengths and even her weaknesses. Respect her little sister who gets in between you when you're watching TV on the couch. Respect her wants, goals, and dreams. Make her reach for it even when you're not a part of them.


Hold her hand not because the Beatles sang about it. Hold it tight. Sometimes, holding her hand is more than what she needs than kissing her on the lips. 

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Tell her she's beautiful even in her sweatpants that are old and ragged. Even when she doesn't like the way she looks. Even when she hates herself for it. Even when she thinks she can never be somebody else instead. She is beautiful, and your eyes can see that.

Let her know you're not perfect. You never will be, but you're trying to make her feel that everything is going to be. 

Do things you want to do because she's happy for it. And let her know how important it is to you, even for a little while you're apart.

And maybe that's just a little bit of everything. But the secret is—love her. That's how you won't lose her ever again.

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