This Is How You Prove Them Wrong

Because you're so much better than what other people are saying.
by Lausanne Barlaan   |  Jan 16, 2015
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As you may know, life is not fair. And then there will the bad people, the villains that all those childhood fairy tales warned you about. Only instead of fangs, they have hurtful words. Instead of cursed apples and spindles, they use their words to get under your skin and fill you with their poison. They will tell you that you are not strong enough, beautiful enough, and capable enough, until you find yourself believing them.  This is how you prove them wrong.

First, you refuse to let them into your head.  Let them talk and do whatever they're doing to stop you. Listen, but learn to know what you're going to believe in. Remember that criticism is only good if it helps you get better. Let them talk, for as long as you know what you want to do and what you believe in, they can't possibly sway you into thinking otherwise, because you know that you can do it, even if others tell the opposite.


And then you don't stop what you're doing, especially if what you're doing is your passion, for the greater good, and it never hurt anyone. You keep on pursuing the things you like doing, keep on improving, until you're so absorbed into your passion that you can't hear anything but your heart racing with amazement at what you’ve accomplished. Walt Disney always said "keep moving forward," and you do.

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In spite of it all, you never settle. The haters will still be there,waiting to break down whatever you've built. But as soon as you build security with yourself, you will start welcoming them, because you know they can't hurt you. If anything, they'll help you know what you need to work on. You become the bigger, better person, because you know that a little dream and hard work always comes to produce something good and beautiful. Because, despite all the hurt and setbacks, you know that you will come out stronger, and you will prove everyone wrong. 


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