Here's Where You Can Get Original Film Posters of Your Favorite Films

They have different collections available!
by Katrina Golamco   |  Jan 31, 2021
Image: INSTAGRAM/avantgarde_ph
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Films have the ability to provoke us to feel, to think, to believe. It has the power to generate an abstract cinematic representation of our emotions and experiences that we can hardly express alone, making it easier to realize perspectives in our reality and escape to a world that we aspire to have, even just for an hour or two. To have the privilege to witness and relate to a character who grows from the bounds of sorrows and euphoria can be addicting, at least for some, that we wish that we can perpetually honor the films and their creators that help us discern complex ideas of humanity’s core and our individuality.

Lucky for us cinephiles, we now have the chance to honor our favorite directors, features, and actors with the help of Avant-Garde (@avantgarde_ph)! This store helps us remember the movies we once cried with, laughed with, and eventually appreciate life with by selling original premier posters of esteemed features from the '90s to the present. Not only that, but they also produce posters of popular Netflix series we obsess ourselves with over and over again.


They started by selling to DLSU students.

Like any other people, Marvin and EA started with a shared blazing passion for movies that were once kept within themselves. As they explained to me, “The whole concept of Avant-Garde hails from the passion and obsession that we have for the youngest art-form that is Cinema.”

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They shared that the whole business plan sprouted from one of their friend’s dilemma about his movie poster order all the way from America. Since then, they thought, “Why aren’t any people here in the Philippines providing movie posters?” From there, a mere group of first year college students back in 2018 planned to become a provider of cinematic satisfaction and access for our country that they once did not have.

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They started small by selling it to one particular Facebook group of the DLSU community, which swiftly progressed successfully. Then the COVID-19 pandemic happened, that they decided to expand their community through Instagram and thought, “It [Avant-Garde] can’t be just a mere poster store. It should be something bigger than that.”


With more than 2,000 followers on Instagram, their success is continuously growing despite the pandemic’s limitations, which they consider as their own accomplishment.

They have different collections available.

Now and then, the Avant-Garde brothers post a collection of poster series, some of which are:

The Netflix Original Series (The Queens Gambit, Bojack Horseman, The Umbrella Academy, Lucifer, and Dark), The Directorial Debut Series (Nightcrawler, Citizen Kane, La Haine, Synecdoche, New York, Get Out, Eraserhead, and Hereditary), The Local Series (Himala, Manila in the Claws of Light, Heneral Luna, Goyo, Metro Manila, and Birdshot), The Coming of Age Series (The Breakfast Club, The Graduate, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Rushmore), and The Animated Series (Spirited Away, Toy Story, Akira, Meet the Robinson, How to Train Your Dragon, and Kimi No Nawa).

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Aside from posters collectively belong in a series, they also release posters of movies individually. And what’s good about this store is that they accept personal requests, too! Their posters range from P600 to P5,000, depending on the poster’s condition, rarity, and size.



13x19 inches = P750

18x24 inches = P1,900

24x36 inches = P2,600

27x40 inches = P3,600

They also post fun facts and quizzes about film.

Avant-Garde is not only here to sell high-quality cinema posters, but their Instagram account is also a place where all cinephiles can gather and share their reflections and analyses on films that left them compelled and wondered. The company acts as a bridge between people (movie junkies or not) and the beautiful cinematic culture across countries by setting-out alluring critiques, quizzes, fun facts, and commemorations to renowned creators, actors, and actresses in the industry.

According to the Avant-Garde brothers, through this movement, they hope to be a platform for encouragement and exposure for Filipinos on innovative cinematic culture. “We certainly believe that there are Filipino artists on different fields that produce art worthy to be seen and interpreted by the Filipinos. But in terms of our cinematic culture, there is surely something magnificent to improve on. That’s what we’re aiming for, to plant the seeds in the garden of global recognition of Cinema,” they explained.


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They believed that Filipinos and other people worldwide have the capacity to also provide the support and love for Filipino films as much as they give to various creations from other countries. They said, “the cinephiles here in our country, they have a lot of support and adoration to give. Being a smart and hungry bunch, it is in looking for a local film/auteur to pour this love and support that they are deprived.”

They strongly express great hope for the film industry here in the Philippines, which is also one of the roots of their motivation to uphold and cultivate Avant-Garde. “We hope a time will come wherein Filipino film posters are of the same value with that of the works of the masters.”

Avant-Garde is not only a store to satisfy your fixation on films but also a community to inspire aspiring artists in the Phillipine film industry to prosper beyond their limits and create an encouraging creative space for fellow cinephiles to express their thoughts on features that they mutually admire.



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