This Girl Was Told She's Bobo When She Was Actually Finishing Three College Degrees

We got to talk to her and asked her about the story behind her story.
by Mara Agner , Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 9, 2017
Image: Wynona Pauline Catapang |
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We know that, normally, college students finish their degrees in four years. However, there are cases when it's difficult to do so, especially when there are seasonal courses or when the subjects are just too deadly or when there are a ton of things to prioritize instead. However, we believe that it really doesn't matter how long you've finished college. There are other factors to consider during your study and it's not the same for all students.

This is why we can perfectly understand how hard 21-year-old Wynona Pauline Catapang must have felt when she was on the receiving end of comments like "Ang bobo, five years na sa college." But she never let these words get the best of her. Instead, the St. Scholastica's College graduate went on and gave her best to the three (yes, you read that right!) courses she's finishing.

In her graduation post, Wynona looked back on those tough days when she felt like giving up. 

"I was then questioning myself, worth it pa ba lahat? I was about to give up and drop my other course," she wrote. "It was so hard to maintain a cut-off grade especially [because] both of my courses have quota grade of B-. Ang taas, beshie. Both courses pa. There was a time na na-on probation na 'ko kasi nale-left behind ko na 'yung isang course. Tapos this Feb, I was so stressed sa thesis because of the deadline tapos my lola died pa."

She then went on and shared her secret: Diskarte

"But then I guess God took me to this path and I had to deal with it," she continued. "Kahit sabi ng iba wala pa kong napapatunayan sa mundo, na ambisyosa ako, I believe this would have been my greatest achievement in life as of now—to receive three degrees at the age of 21. And our secret? Diskarte."


But she also acknowledged how difficult it would have been if she didn't keep the right people around her. Wynona thanked her thesis partner, friends and best friends, sister, and her parents. Now, she has three college degrees at the age of 21: B.A. Mass Communication minor in Development Communication, B.S. Psychology, and B.A. Guidance and Counseling. 

After reading her story, we got in touch with Wynona and asked her about the story behind her story. Here's what we found out:

She didn't really intend on studying a double major.

"It's funny that I really did not choose the program before I went to college. During high school, the career tests that I have taken always matched communication-related jobs. Then my term paper back then was related to Psychology so I became interested in it. When I was filling up the application form, I wrote Mass Communication and Psychology, only to find out that the school has a double major program. So I took the risk even if I didn't know what I was doing, haha."

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She studied both courses at the same time.

"I finished Mass Communication first. For example, 3rd year college ako sa Mass Comm, then 2nd year ako sa Psych. That's how the curriculum works. 

Taking a double major affected her social life.

"I rarely meet my friends because of it. Although I'm the type of girl who doesn't go to parties, my social life was still affected, especially pag may family reunions or short vacation in Batangas (my province). 

She's had her fair share of hurtful comments.

"The most hurtful one I got was that I wouldn't achieve anything because I'm naïve, immature, and too ambitious. That I should drop my other course because I will just fail at it in the future. But it's okay. You really can't please everyone and there are people who will bring you down. I just pray for them instead. Si God na bahala."


Her advice for students who plan to take a double major degree.

"Multitasking. That's one skill you should have to balance two courses. I remember attending a class in Mass Comm then I will be asking my professor to use the bathroom pero yung totoo pupunta kami sa computer shop just to finish our homework, magpa-print, etc. Hahaha. I guess everyone can do it too, if you're dedicated, strategic, and committed enough that you could do anything. Everything's possible.

Read her full story below:

We couldn't help but feel happy for her and proud of her. Congratulations, Wynona! You are an inspiration.


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