This Girl Took the #VacantChallenge to the Next Level!

by Mara Agner   |  Apr 21, 2017
Image: Aubrey Bustarde
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What's a student to do when she's still stuck in university because of the adjusted school calendar and the summer season has clearly officially begun? Make the most of her vacant period that is!

Thus the beginning of the #VacantChallenge, wherein students post pictures of themselves someplace else during their supposed vacant period. Some would Photoshop themselves at the beach, in another country, or even as far as the moon—wearing their uniforms, mind you—while some literally go to the actual location or jet off to another country and take photos while still in uniform.

Aubrey Bustarde is one of the few ~*extra*~ people who did the latter. Currently a third year Civil Engineering student at the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology in Cabanatuan City, Aubrey decided to bring her school uniform to her Korea trip and take on the challenge. 

Here she is at Nami Island.


"The other people who have done the challenge made me laugh so I accepted the challenge and hope that my pictures can also bring joy to other people." 

Another pic by the Central Korean Pine Tree Lane.

"I really like watching K-Dramas, so I decided to bring my uniform to our trip to Korea so I could do the challenge there." 

She also wore her uniform at other tourist spots, like the palace...

watch now

...and at Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

"After taking some pictures with my #OOTD. I changed into my uniform and never took it off until we went back to our hotel." LOL! How fun!

We want to challenge you! Where would you go on your vacant period?

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