This Candy Cutie's Story About His Uber Driver Will Break Your Heart

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by Mara Agner   |  Dec 7, 2016
Image: Mark Jesalva
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We've read a lot about both horror and heartwarming stories involving Uber/Grab/taxi drivers, but this one, which Candy Cutie Eri Neeman experienced himself is quite new. Spoiler: It's not what you think it is, but it will really make you think long and hard about it in the end. Below is his story, which he posted on his Facebook page.

Last night I lost my wallet. Looked all over for it. Went to the venue. Didn't find it. Called the Uber driver I took. It wasn't there. Checked the venue I waited for the Uber driver for since I sat on the steps while waiting... Maybe I left it there absent-mindedly. No luck.

I couldn't understand how it could just disappear like that. I was starting to feel heavy at the possibility that besides the fact that I have to cancel my credit card, my ATM and apply for all my government IDs, I'd lose the wallet that Chewy gave me for my birthday.


Then around 2 AM, the Uber driver texted me, "Sir nakita ko sa ilalim ng upuan." I called him so happy and relieved. We arranged to have him meet me in front of our condo building.

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He texted me saying he was there. I went down and was ready to give this man a big tip for being a good samaritan.

I knocked on the window and he opened the door. I saw him and he seemed hesitant.

He said, "Sir pasok ka muna. May gusto akong sabihin sa inyo."

I hesitated and went in to the back seat of the car in case he decided he'd want to do something unexpected.

Then he said, "Sir, wag kayong magagalit."

"Ano yun?" I said.

"Nakita ko po yung wallet niyo. At sinubukan ko mag withdraw. Pasensya na po. Matindi lang po yung pangangailangan. Nadala po ako sa tukso."

"Ah okay. May nakuha ka?" I asked.



"Huh? Paano?" surprised that he managed to withdraw.
(For those who use their birthdays as a PIN, change it.)

"Chineck ko po yung ID niyo. Nandun po yung birthday niyo. So sinubukan ko po. Ayun pumasok. So nag-withdraw po ako. Pero sinosoli ko na po sa inyo. Hindi ko po kaya. Mabigat po sa loob ko. Pasensya na po. Sana wag po kayong magagalit. Matindi lang po yung pangangailangan."

My heart sank. This was a good man. Who chose to do the right thing despite doing something wrong. Which is a much harder thing to do.

"Okay lang yun. Salamat at pinili mo gawin ang tama."

I reached for my wallet. All the money was there. Then I gave him triple the amount of what I intended to give him.

"Ha? Sigurado po kayo? Baka po kailangan niyo ito."

Reflecting at what he said now. This crushes me that a good person is in a situation where he had to do something like this.


"Okay lang. Ginawa mo yung tama. At mas mahirap yung ginawa mo dahil may ginawa ka nang mali. Pero nag-desisyon ka parin na itama ito."

He teared up. He was trying to hide his face. He looked relieved and so thankful for the money. I wanted to remind him that doing the right thing pays off. That going against the easy and wrong way of doing things leads to good things. That the world, even if it could be, isn't as harsh at people who make mistakes.

That people can understand what other people might be going through.

As I'm about ready to exit the car he says, "Salamat po talaga. Malaking tulong ito. Salamat po."

"No problem. Salamat din at pinili mong gawin ang tama." I said to him outside the car door before going our separate ways.

He didn't drive away right away. The car was just there. He was just sitting down. Still emotional about the whole thing.


Read Eri's full post here.

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