This ADMU Graduate Can't Find a Job Despite Doing Things Right

An HR professional shares the things they look into aside from the resume, grades, achievements, or the university you graduated from.
by Mara Agner   |  Aug 30, 2017
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ICYDK, a Rantbox entry is making rounds on social media because of one student's concern regarding employment (or the lack thereof). For the uninformed, the ADMU Rantbox is a Facebook page where students can anonymously post their rants, concerns, messages, or dilemmas about anything under the sun—school, politics, love life, friendship, block mates, professors, the list goes on.

What caught a lot of attention from both Ateneans and non-Ateneans was this post from #ADMURantbox115. In it, he (or she, it wasn't specified) shared that he's been doing everything right—from studying in a top university that is Ateneo, being a dean's lister, graduating cum laude, and heading orgs, among many other things, "so why aren't its graduates getting snapped up like lechon at a fiesta?"

While his concerns are valid, there was something about his post that made it seem like he was entitled, and naturally, people reacted accordingly. Some were sympathetic and helpful while others told it like it is.


So instead of offering advice, which a lot of people in the comments have already done, we sought the help of an HR professional and asked her the things that employers look into aside from the resume, grades, achievements, or university (AKA all the things he mentioned he was doing right.). Here's what Mikko Sumulong, PHR, SHRM-CP (who has been in HR for the past 16 years), said.

  1. Mindset, attitude, and demeanor

"We can often read someone's mindset, attitude and demeanor from the get-go during an interview. Never act like the company should "snatch you up like lechon." You should go in, showing the reasons why you would be a great fit for the company.

  1. Fit

"Fit is key. You should never just apply to a company because it's multinational, or because they're hiring. Go to a company where it is mutually beneficial."

  1. Social media posts

"How you act on social media plays a big part. Remember, employees represent their company. If you're one to rant about every small thing on FB or Twitter, it might be a foreshadowing of what you would be as an employee. No online rants are acceptable. Not even a short, vague tweet after a bad day at work, miscommunication with an important client, or a reprimand from a manager."

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  1. Skills

"You have to tailor a resume to the job you're applying to. You are in competition with thousands of others. If your resume gets a minute worth of time, you're lucky. Don't brag on your resume. Highlight your skills, quickly, simply and eloquently. To be honest, we might not have a clue what all those orgs are that you joined."

  1. How well you know the company

"Make sure to research the company you're about to work for. We will immediately cross you off if you obviously know nothing about the business or the history of the company."

  1. Attitude

"Are you pleasant to be around? Are you a team player? What are your strengths? Are you aware of your weaknesses? How do you deal with those weaknesses?"

Mikko adds that "while grades are good, it doesn't paint a picture of what the person might be as an employee."

Below is the full post of #ADMURantbox115 in case you want to read it.


Do you have any similar concerns that you'd like us to write about? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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