10 Things That You'll Always Find In a Dystopian World

The Chosen One, categories, and adults that can't be trusted? Hmm, you might be in a dystopian world.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 15, 2015
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We love adventures and being in places we've never been to before. We also love young, powerful ladies who lead an entire country to overthrow a dysfunctional government. This is why we love reading books and watching movies set in a dystopian world. We know what to expect and what we can get from the story, even the funny Twitter account @DystopianYA knows it. Don't know if you're reading or watching something set in a dystopian society? Here 10 surefire ways to tell that you are. Heck, you might even be The Chosen One... you just don't know it yet. Hmm...

 1  There's one person destined to save the people. She just doesn't know it yet.

 2  People are always divided into categories.

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 3  The whole place or country is enclosed in gates. Just the perfect setup to make people, or The Chose One, more curious.

 4  Adults don't know anything... especially anything about running an entire country.

 5  They can't even be trusted.

 6  The Chosen One looks fine, but has a lot of ~*issues*~ about how she looks.

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 7  But she actually looks perfect even after spending weeks or months in a weird place. 

 8  Someone's always not going to fit in the categories.

 9  Order is everything, so the government tries to protect it.

 10  The Chosen One has two boys fighting for her attention... in the middle of the war.

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