5 Things We Learned About Taking Up Nursing from Students on TikTok

You have to be prepared at ALL times.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Nov 25, 2020
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Nursing is not an easy profession, but for those whose dream is to become a registered nurse, the journey is worth pursuing. On TikTok, various nursing students have been kind enough to share their experience and life lessons gathered in being a BS Nursing major. Below are a few things we picked up from nursing students on TikTok:

It involves a lot of memorization, but also practical application.

Yes, there is A LOT of memorization involved in taking up nursing. But it doesn't just end there. Of course, you'd have to be able to apply what you've memorized, and more often than not, this will be reflected in the exams of your subjects.


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Exams are also situational.

Sometimes, not everything included in the exams will be discussed in lectures, so you'd really have to put in the work to read your book as well as additional references. Additionally, exams aren't just about memorizing. You'd have to understand what you're reading and memorizing as the exams are also situational. 


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Nurses have their own "specialty," too. 

There isn't just one type of nurse. Just like doctors, they can pursue different specialties, too. Aside from this, you can also opt to be counselor, a researcher, or an educator.


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You have to be prepared at ALL times.

Nurses need to be prepared for all kinds of situations, not just when it comes to work but also when it comes to personal concerns. For instance, those who are assigned to do clinical rounds have to wear their white uniforms at all times. If it's that time of the month for female nurses, it can get especially nerve-wracking. To prevent menstrual cramps and possible leaking, it's best to always be equipped with the essentials (like painkillers and extra napkins) even if you don't have your period yet.


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You shouldn't be afraid to ask.

Nursing is a profession that involves dealing with the lives of other people. Because of this, you'd have to be well equipped with the necessary knowledge to potentially save someone's life. If you aren't yet knowledgeable about a certain lesson or protocol, don't be afraid to ask about it. When you're on your duty, it's best to ask questions if something confuses you or isn't clear for you. That's why you have clinical instructors accompanying you. 


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