Yes, It's Possible: What Being A Content Creator Is Like For A Shy Person

It's part of who you are.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jul 3, 2020
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Being a self-confessed shy person isn’t always the easiest. Sometimes, you’d find yourself taking too long to reply to a friend’s message while you’re having a casual convo because you’re overthinking what you want to say. Other times, you’d just sit there quietly instead of sharing the many thoughts and ideas you have because you feel like speaking up isn’t necessary when you’re already in a room full of people talking.

Although we try to improve our habits and become more open and outgoing, there's nothing "wrong" with you if you're shy. If you've ever been told, "Wala kang mararating kung mahiyain ka," and felt slightly discouraged and uncomfortable about yourself, here's a friendly reminder that you can still chase after your goals and dreams even if you're the shy type.

For instance, the creative field will often require you to connect and collaborate with different types of people. Content creators like YouTubers rely on speaking in front of a camera a lot to gain a steady and loyal viewership. One might think that it’s not a field worth pursuing for the mahiyain, but there are actually a handful of content creators who are admittedly on the shy and reserved spectrum. 

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One such content creator shared her thoughts on starting a YouTube channel despite being shy. Monika Gobaira, an LA-based YouTuber, shared in a vlog that she actually used to be *really* shy and insecure about having to speak up, but that YouTube helped her boost her confidence up a bit.

Here are a few things we learned from Monika's vlog about being a self-confessed mahiyain YouTuber.

It won't erase your shyness, but it helps you be more open.

Monika shares that she definitely still feels shy, but because she enjoyed making YouTube videos, she eventually got to build her trust in herself.  "I have found a [certain kind of] confidence in myself that I didn't know that I have," she shares. Through making content for people to consume, she realized that there are people who cared about what she has to say.

Overcoming shyness doesn't happen in a snap.

You won't feel more outgoing overight, it doesn't work that way. Instead, you'll have to take one baby step at a time. Monika suggests that if you're just starting out and still feeling a bit insecure about talking in front of a camera, you can start with doing text-only videos first. 


Once you're a bit more comfortable with it, you can build it up and start doing voiceovers. And if you're ready for the next step, you can start inserting snippets of you talking onscreen.

It's all about going with what you're most comfortable with at first until you're able to feel out what works for your personality. After all, the content you're making is yours, and it's only natural that it reflects your who you really are IRL, mahiyain and all.

Watch Monika's entire vlog here:


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