Double Degrees vs. Double Majors, Plus Where to Take Them in the PH

Double degree vs. double major: Is there a difference?
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Aug 25, 2020
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One of the most crucial things you'll ever decide on is which course to take in college. While your college major won't entirely define your future career path, it does hold a lot of influence over the profession you'll be taking on after you graduate.

For many of us, though, choosing just one course can be difficult. Others have a hard time deciding whether to go with what they're passionate about or with what is more practical. Some just have a lot of passions or interests in life that it's tricky to choose which one to devote four or so years of their lives to.

If you're someone who's looking into pursuing more than one field, maybe taking either a double degree program or a double major degree is something to consider. 

Double degree vs. double major: Is there a difference? 

A double degree program allows undergraduate students to take on two different university degrees, which can usually be completed in a shorter time frame compared to when two degrees are taken separately. This means that when you graduate, you receive two diplomas.


A double major degree, on the other hand, can comprise of two different concentrations, but both are under just one specialization or university degree. When you graduate, you only receive one diploma.

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Taking on either is not easy, of course, so you'll have to carefully assess whether you're cut out for it or not. You'll have to hustle extra to earn the needed units for both degrees and majors on time. They can also be more expensive compared to taking a single major.

Do all schools offer double degrees and double majors?

In the Philippines, not all schools have double degree programs and double major degrees. But here are some of the colleges and universities in the country that currently allow students to take on double degrees and double majors:

De La Salle University

DLSU is known for offering LIA-COM (Liberal Arts-Commerce), a special program that allows selected students to pursue two degree programs from two different fields in five years--one degree from their College of Liberal Arts and another degree from the College of Business.



Ateneo de Manila University

ADMU allows top performing students to pursue a degree in Applied Physics together with a degree in Materials Science and Engineering in just five years. Similarly, they also offer a five-year program for B.S. Chemistry with Materials Science Engineering, where students can earn BS Chemistry in four years and BS Materials Science and Engineering the year after.


Mapua University

Mapua students majoring in Physics also have the option to take on extra units to obtain an additional degree (B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, B.S. Electrical Engineering, B.S. Electronics Engineering) in just four to five years.


St. Scholastica's College

In St. Scholastica's College, students can choose from three different double degree programs. The first is the the LIA COM Program which allows students to take one Liberal Arts program and one Commerce program. The second is the LIA LIA Program for students who want to take two Liberal Arts programs. The third is the COM COM Program for students who want to take two Commerce programs. 




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