The Ultimate Prom Checklist

by Jelena Tiu   |  Feb 19, 2015
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Excited for prom night? So are we! We’ve made the ultimate checklist for every Candy Girl who wants to have the best night possible! 

 1  Dress rehearsal.

Carefully put on your dress, shoes, and accessories and make sure it all fits you right! Double check for any loose thread of missing beads so you have enough time to make the necessary adjustments. Also, try to work on which angle you look best in so you can look extra fab in your pictures!

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 2  Get your nails did!

This will save plenty of time, especially if you plan on getting your hair and makeup done at a salon. Pick the perfect shade that matches or complements your dress. 

 3  Makeup check.

By now, you probably have a makeup peg on how you want to look on your special night, so make to have the right tools so you can look your best! Ask a friend or family member to do a run-through with the shades and products you want to use so you know which blush shade or eyeliner stroke looks best on you. Again, this will save you a lot of time from having to deal with any makeup mishaps while you’re being dolled up on the day of your prom.

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 4  Follow up on your bookings.

Don't forget about the people who will help you make prom night one of the best (and most convenient) nights of your life! If you scheduled an appointment with your favorite salon, hired a car service to pick you up and drop you off, or booked a venue for your barkada's after party, coordinating with your bookings the day before will keep you and the people involved at ease and informed. Exchange contact numbers in case of any emergencies.


 5  Follow up on your date/s.

Whether you're going to the prom with your crush, your trusty best friend, or your squad, catch up with them the day before. Run through your plans before, during, and after prom night so you won't miss out on each other on the dance floor!

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 6  Check your #PromNightEssentials.

Bring along your favorite lip gloss or trusty compact powder case so you can make a quick touch-up during the night. Personal hygiene is also important, so don't forget to bring with you hand sanitizer, breath mints, and your sweet-smelling perfume. Make sure your phone, camera, and iPod are fully charged so you can capture the night's best memories. 

 7  Eat healthy!

Just because you want to look good on your prom night, doesn't mean you should skip out on your meals! Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink 8 to 10 glasses of water so you have enough energy and nutrients to carry over to the next day. Treat yourself for being extra prepared before prom night by ordering your favorite cupcakes but make sure to consume responsibly so as to not become bloated the next day.

 8  Sleep, sleep, sleep!

The last thing you need is evidence from all the pre-prom preparation and craziness! Get at least 8 hours of sleep the day before so you wake up the next day feeling more refreshed and energized.

 9  Relax and have fun!

Lastly, don't forget to relax and enjoy this glamorous, coming-of-age event with the people you love the most. It may take a lot of effort, but it doesn't have to stress you out! Remember to have fun and put your pretty game face on before taking over any possible scenarios during prom night. As long as you’re having fun, you've already accomplished prom itself.

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