The Truth About Single Girls On Valentine's Day

by You!   |  Feb 12, 2014
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She is wallowing in her bedroom with a pint of Chunky Monkey. And with every spoonful of velvety ice cream melting in her mouth, she is drowning in tears. Her mascara running down her cheeks, all she can think of is how horrible she feels. Puffy eyes and hair in a messy bun, she is broken—broken in different places all at once.

This is how everyone pictures the single girl on Valentine's Day. Half the time, they're actually wrong.

On Valentine's day, there is no clearer picture for others than single girls sulking in the corner being lonely. Sad about seeing boys give out roses and carnations, about grand proposals and confessions of love on jumbotrons if that ever happens. 

But no. On Valentine's day, single girls finish their paper due at 5pm. On this day where hearts are swelling with emotions, single girls sit by a corner in a coffee shop calmly reading a romance novel, hoping one day that the character she had fallen in love with, would magically come true. 

On Valentine's day, she is there for a friend who got her heart broken after a terrible breakup. She's giving out all the words she thought were the right thing to say. She was there, always there. 

Single girls on Valentine's day aren't drowning in melancholy and bitterness, they're happy because they have themselves to be with. They have themselves and they know it's enough. 

On Valentine's day, they go home and single girls get a candle-lit dinner and full-out laughter from their first love—their parents. 

On Valentine's day, single girls have this wide-eyed hope that in a distant future, one boy might just sweep her off her feet. 

On Valentine's day, single girls date themselves. And no matter how they've done something completely weird and stupid or how clumsily they have acted, they'll never regret being in a relationship with themselves. And boys? Boys can wait.

And the single girls, like me on Valentine's day, could just be one of you. That's the truth.


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